Block Bad Actors

Fraudsters often use bots, malware, and humans to test stolen credit card information on eCommerce sites. By enabling you to determine in real time whether a visitor is real or not, Anura can protect your site against someone who is attempting to commit credit card fraud.

women holding credit card yelling at computer

Reduce Chargeback Rates

When eCommerce fraud occurs and real credit card owners dispute charges, sites get hit with costly chargebacks. Too many of them can cause companies to lose their merchant accounts. Anura helps prevent this from happening to you.

business man placing mini shopping carts on stacks of coins

Make Real Sales

Fraudsters committing eCommerce fraud are known to ship to hard-to-track addresses. Sometimes, they even steal packages off of victims’ front porches. By using Anura to prevent this type of fraud, you can make sure your products don’t wind up in the hands of people who didn’t pay for them.


mini shopping cart on laptop full of packages

Pay What You Owe

Fraudsters know they can get paid by affiliates using stolen credit card information—often before chargebacks come through. Anura helps you prevent this from happening, enabling you to only pay commissions that have been earned.

businessman paying cash with right hand and holding onto a stack in left hand

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