Anura Analyzes Billions of Requests Daily

Anura can spot the difference between a real user and a fraudulent user. Having access to billions of transactions daily, Anura's intuitive machine learning gives us the edge to combat nefarious traffic targeted to steal your valuable ad dollars.


Anura by the Numbers

100s Analyzed User Data Points
200%+ More Fraud Detected
0% Virtually No False Positives
20%+ Campaign Performance Improvement

Flexible to Match Your Platform

No matter how users visit your web assets, Anura is prepared to integrate into your platform to deliver definitive analysis in order to maximize your campaign’s performance.

How Anura Detects Ad Fraud


Anura Processes Requests Without False Positives

Anura helps organizations eliminate fraud in both the pre-bid and post-click phases using built-in, real-time analytics, freeing up your staff’s time to focus on your business while Anura helps you more accurately block ad fraud.

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No Marketing Terms--Just Results

Anura utilizes an easy-to-use analytics dashboard so organizations can drill down to identify and isolate fraudulent traffic and make the necessary changes to campaign management.

How Anura Detects Fraud


"Beyond the easy-to-use analytics dashboard, BriteBox trusts in the accuracy of Anura's identification of fraud, both in the pre-bid and post-click analysis. After processing over 18 million visitors and have yet to see a false positive, BriteBox sees the long-term benefits of having accuracy in their ad fraud vendor."

Penny Lee

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