Overcome Ad Fraud Challenges

It doesn’t make any difference whether fraudulent traffic comes into your web assets in the form of views, clicks, or form submissions—fraud is fraud. Your marketing dollars are being siphoned away, and your campaign performance drags.

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A Solution for Everyone

No matter your industry, your target audience, or the type or reach of your ad campaign, your organization needs a solution that is able to definitively validate users in real-time. Without this ability, organizations can easily find themselves suffering under the burden of low ad campaign performance and lackluster marketing results.


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Industries Served

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Affiliate Marketing 
Increase conversions, reduce chargebacks, avoid TCPA violations, and maximize your marketing dollars with Anura’s ad fraud solution. 
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Leading multi-channel agencies use Anura to improve performance, reduce chargebacks, avoid TCPA violations, and protect their reputations.  
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Today’s most effective advertisers use Anura to improve ROI, enhance campaigns, reduce risks, save precious marketing dollars, and protect their reputations. 
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DSPs, SSPs, and other marketing platforms use Anura to help clients overcome ad fraud challenges, keep their solutions unique, provide clients with accurate data, and increase customer loyalty. 
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Publishers use Anura to improve traffic quality, reduce chargebacks, protect their reputations, and generate more revenue. 
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