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Real-time Analysis in Time-Sensitive Situations

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Analysis Within Milliseconds

Anura Direct provides a flexible integration method that adapts to any environment.  We continuously update techniques to find more fraud activity based on real conversion data. Anura’s streamlined analysis method provides a user-friendly dashboard that breaks down and pivots every facet of your campaign data for real-time decision-making.

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Streamlined for Speed

Anura Direct is designed to determine in milliseconds the most common types of fraud (General Invalid Traffic or GIVT). Anura Direct delivers real-time analysis in time-sensitive situations.

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Identify Fraud Pre-Bid

Make real-time decisions with rapid definitive answers giving you the confidence to bid on or buy traffic without worrying about fraud. Ideally used for pre-bid,  ping/post, scraper bots, email, and more.

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Reduce Wasted Ad Spend

With Anura Direct, marketers are able to make faster, more informed decisions, in real-time based on real customer activity. We are dedicated to providing you updated, actionable data so you can manage where you buy traffic and minimize wasted resources, increasing your conversion rate.

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Anura Direct helps boost the quality of the traffic visiting your web assets, helping to improve the ROI of your ad campaigns!

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