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Lead Generation

Identify bad leads before you call them.

Lead generation fraud drives invalid traffic (IVT) using bots, malware, and human fraud farms to fill out forms using real information to bypass detection.

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Anura and PACE share a common goal: protect companies and consumers from bad actors. Anura’s intense focus on that mission stops companies from wasting billions on fraud, while also protecting the consumers who are being targeted and used. That’s a win for our members and every single one of their prospects and customers.

—Rob Seaver, Professional Associations of Consumer Engagement (PACE)


Why you need fraud prevention.

Lead gen fraud can have a disastrous impact on your business.
Some of the specific risks tied to this form of ad fraud include:

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TCPA Violations and Fines

Fake leads often contain legitimate information from an unsuspecting consumer who didn’t give permission to be contacted. You could rack up TCPA violation fees of $500-$1,500 per incident in these situations. 

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Lost Opportunities with Real Leads

Pursuing bad leads wastes your sales team’s time. While they’re busy chasing down fake leads, legitimate leads from your ad campaigns go cold. Your viable prospects may pursue a competitor’s product before your team has the time to reach out — costing you sales.

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Wasted Marketing Dollars

Every fraudulent lead you buy represents money thrown away. The more leads you buy, the more money you lose. Imagine that you spend $2 million for 100k leads and 25% are fraudulent (on average), that’s a $500k loss.

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Wasted Call Center Labor

The average call center service costs about $0.95/minute (Source: KompareIT). The amount of time a call center employee spends trying to reach a bad lead that doesn’t pick up is ten minutes. If you have 25k bad leads, that means you’re spending roughly $23,750 simply reaching out to bad leads. 

$1 to every $4 spent on leads is lost to fraud.

Speak with an expert to learn how to stop that loss.

Get Started

Avoid bad leads with Anura’s fraud solution.

Anura’s fraud solution detects fraudulent activity in real-time to block the bots behind general invalid traffic (GIVT) and sophisticated invalid traffic (SIVT) before you reach out to fake leads and waste money or rack up TCPA fines.

With Anura, you can:

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Protect Your Brand Reputation

Only reach out to genuine leads who are interested in your company’s products and services.

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Prevent TCPA Fines

Avoid contacting people who never actually opted into receiving communications from your organization.

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Weed Out Fake Leads

Avoid wasting your sales team’s time on bad leads who aren’t interested and won’t convert into customers.

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Improve Your Marketing ROI

Remove false leads to focus only on the real opportunities that have a positive impact on your bottom line.

We find Anura to be an essential reporting tool for our insurance lead gen business. I've been working closely with Rich, Anthony, and their amazing support team. They're great to work with and always eager to help.

—Brittany Wheeler, Smart Financial