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What Is Lead Generation Fraud?

Lead generation fraud is when fraudsters create fake leads for companies operating to collect money.This lead gen fraud can have a disastrous impact on a company’s ROI for their online and affiliate marketing campaigns.


If you are a buyer of leads, ad fraud may be your biggest risk right now.

- Eric J. Troutman

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Signs of Lead Generation Fraud

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Fake Leads

Ineligible names, wrong phone numbers, fake email addresses, etc.  None of these convert, and only waste your time and resources.

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Confused Contacts

When you call someone who didn't fill out a form, they are generally confused and have no idea why you're calling. 

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Angry Emails

While a confused contact is the better option, some contacts respond angrily - demanding to know how you got their information.

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Difficulty Reaching Contacts

It usually takes about 5 tries to contact someone who isn't expecting your call, racking up TCPA violations.


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What's More Valuable?
100 leads, or 75 leads with the potential to convert?
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Cost of Lead Generation Fraud & TCPA Violations

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Wasted Marketing Dollars

Let's say you buy 100,000 leads for $20 CPL.

You've just spent $2M for 100,000 leads, but if 25% of those leads are bad, what are you actually getting?

75,000 leads for $37.50 CPL - $500,000 lost on marketing.

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TCPA Violations

You've got $25,000 bad leads - but you don't know it.

Your call center reaches out, but because they're fraudulent, nobody picks up - it takes an average of 5 attempts to get anyone on the phone, and they didn't fill out the form.

Each time your call center reached out to a fraudulent lead violated TCPA - costing you $500-$1,500 per call/text.  

telemarketer calling a lead

Wasted Call Center Resources

The average cost of a call center is $25/hour.

The average time spent calling bad leads (that don't pick up)  isabout 10 minutes, and you have 25,000 bad leads.

You've lost over $100,000 on call center resources contacting bad leads.

Cost of an ad fraud solution - pennies on the dollar.

Benefit of an ad fraud solution - priceless.

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How Can Anura Help?

Anura identifies bad leads BEFORE you reach out, with no false positives.

Wasted Marketing Dollars

Fraudulent leads don't convert. Anura helps you extend your marketing budget by ensuring your efforts aren’t wasted trying to contact bad leads. 

Protect Ping Post

Anura can tell you a lead is fraudulent right from the ping, so you only bid on leads that can convert.

Protect Brand Reputation

Calling people who never gave you their information can ruin your brand reputation - quickly

Wasted Call Center Resources

Spending time and money trying to contact bad leads (aged leads, confused customers, stale leads, and fake leads) has a negative value and time cannot be returned. 

TCPA Violations

When you call people who never filled out your lead generation form, you risk violating the Telephone Consumer Protection Act (TCPA). Anura helps you avoid penalties and cultivate higher-quality leads.


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Stop wasting money on fraudulent leads and boost your campaign performance and ROI.

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