with the #1 ad fraud solution for lead generation. 

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Identify Bad Leads BEFORE You Reach Out


Reduce Wasted Call Center Resources

Spending time and money trying to contact bad leads (aged leads, confused customers, stale leads, and fake leads) has a negative value and time cannot be returned. 

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Protect Ping Post

Anura can tell you a lead is fraudulent right from the ping, so you only bid on leads that can convert. What's more valuable - 100 leads or 75 leads with the potential to convert?

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Save Marketing Spend

Fraudulent leads don't convert. Anura helps you extend your marketing budget by ensuring your efforts aren’t wasted trying to contact bad leads. 

Boost Performance

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Reduce TCPA Violations 

When you call people who never filled out your lead generation form, you risk violating the Telephone Consumer Protection Act (TCPA). Anura helps you avoid penalties and cultivate higher-quality leads.

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