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Search Arbitrage

Protect your traffic quality.

Keep your revenue stream safe by protecting your search feed.

Search Arbitrage Protected by Anura

Avoid These Risks of Search Arbitrage

Engaging in arbitrage without the proper safeguards can lead to several issues:

Clawbacks icon

Clawbacks from Vendors

Account Suspension icon

Account Suspension, Shut off or Loss

Decreased RPC icon

Decreased Revenue Per Click (RPC)

Reduced Margins icon

Reduced Margins from Inefficient Ad Spend

Client Complaints icon

Client Complaints, Damaging your Brand's Reputation

Skewed Analytics icon

Skewed Analytics

We can help you avoid these risks

How Anura Can Help

Anura Acts like a Visitor Firewall

Prevention of Chargebacks

By ensuring that only legitimate traffic engages with your ads, Anura significantly reduces the risk of disputed transactions.

Account Protection

Maintain your accounts in good standing with ad networks by eliminating fraudulent traffic.

Improved Traffic Quality

Anura's advanced filtering mechanisms enhance the quality of your incoming traffic, ensuring better engagement and conversion rates.

Protection Against Provider Issues

Stay compliant with your ad network's policies, avoiding penalties or suspensions.

Anura Visitor Firewall

The Importance of Acting like a Visitor Firewall

A "visitor firewall" is critical in digital marketing for screening incoming traffic. It distinguishes between legitimate visitors and malicious ones, ensuring your digital assets are protected from unauthorized access. This not only enhances security but also improves the user experience for genuine visitors, maintaining the integrity of your marketing efforts.

Discover how we can help you

How it Works


How it Works

Prebuilt Integrations

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FAQs about Search Arbitrage

Let’s cover some of the frequently asked questions about ad fraud detection to help you protect your precious marketing budget from digital ad fraud.

What is Search Arbitrage?

Search and content arbitrage is a digital marketing strategy where businesses capitalize on the difference in cost between acquiring traffic through search engines or other sources and the revenue generated from displaying ads to that traffic via ad impressions and clicks.

What is Ad Arbitrage?

Ad arbitrage is when someone buys online ads at a low price and then sells the traffic those ads generate for a higher price. They make money by getting more from the traffic than they spend on the ads.

What is Content Arbitrage?

Content arbitrage is a strategy used in the affiliate marketing space, where marketers purchase traffic at a lower cost and monetize it through display, native or contextual advertising at a higher rate. The difference between the cost of acquiring traffic and the revenue generated from ads is the profit.

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