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Fraud Detection

Before you can defend against fraud, you must first be able to detect it.

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What is ad fraud?

Ad fraud is the practice of viewing, clicking, converting, or generating false interactions with any web asset for the sole purpose of earning money directly or indirectly.  Ad Fraud can be committed by bots, malware, or humans.

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What is a Bot?

Short for “robot,” a bot is an automated software program built to carry out a specific task that most people would find too repetitive or time-consuming. Fraudulent bots usually mimic normal activity such as clicking an ad, placing items in shopping carts, commenting on social media, or filling out a form.  Bot fraud usually involves the use of bot farms or large collectives of bots that act in unison usually referred to as a botnet.

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What is Malware?

Malware is malicious software installed on an unsuspecting user's computer, either desktop or mobile, that is designed to mimic a real user to perform tasks that steal advertising dollars. Tasks like viewing or clicking on ads, watching videos, filling in forms, and other unsavory activity unbeknownst to the user.

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What is Human Fraud?

Human fraud is the hardest form of ad fraud to detect as it relies on a network of humans, instead of using bots or malware, to interact with ads and create false transactions. Because actual humans are interacting with the ads, there are no obvious signs that can differentiate normal traffic from human fraud.

Classifications of Invalid Traffic

Invalid traffic, often known as IVT, refers to any form of web traffic that is derived from a non-human source.



General Invalid Traffic

IVT comes in a few different forms, including General Invalid Traffic, or GIVT. GIVT refers to bots, crawlers, spiders, or any of the kind of non-human traffic typically routed from a data center IP address. GIVT can also apply to activity-based filtration or browsers that pre-render pages. Most of the time, GIVT is easy to identify and exclude from results.


Sophisticated Invalid Traffic

SIVT stands for Sophisticated Invalid Traffic. SIVT techniques are far more challenging to detect. This can include advanced bots that closely mimic human traffic, hijacked devices, malware, invalid proxy traffic, cookie manipulation techniques, like cookie stuffing or human fraud farms.

Common signs of fraud:

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You’re getting a lot of clicks, but you aren’t getting many conversions.

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Your best-performing campaigns are suddenly generating little to no ROI.

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You’re getting a lot of traffic on unexpected pages of your website, like your privacy policy.

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Your campaigns have extremely high bounce rates.

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Your leads are confused why you’re calling — they never filled out a form.

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You’ve put together a great campaign, but nobody is engaging.

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You notice a lot of traffic originating from unfamiliar sources.

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Your visitors' time on site is extremely low.

Common methods of ad fraud:

Do these sound familiar?

Anura can help!

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Let Anura work for you.

Good news! You don’t have to detect fraud manually. Let Anura do the work while you focus on growing your business.

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Validate traffic in real-time.

Our solution runs in the background and lets you know when visitors are fraudulent. Armed with that information, you can then determine the best course of action for your business.

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Not all solutions are the same.

Many solutions claim to detect fraud. See how Anura stands out from the rest with our unparalleled accuracy, thoroughness, and analytics.

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We love working with Anura and their Team. Rich and his entire group have built a great tool that anyone in marketing should be using. They have great support and know their stuff. I recommend anyone I know to try their tool!

-Brett Kaufman, Successful Media, LLC

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