Ad fraud is a serious problem—one that’s only going to get worse over time. 


Some Signs That You May Have an Ad Fraud Problem:

You’re getting a lot of clicks, but you aren’t getting many conversions.
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Your best-performing campaigns are suddenly generating little to no return on investment (ROI).
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You’re getting a lot of clicks on unexpected pages of your website.
Your campaigns have extremely high bounce rates.
Ad Fraud Detection-usecase1
You’re noticing that your leads are confused as to why you’re calling them.
You’ve put together a great campaign but nobody is clicking on it.
You’re noticing a lot of traffic originating from unfamiliar sources.
Your website metrics reveal that many visitors to your website are bouncing within one second.

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The good news is that you don’t have to detect ad fraud manually. By investing in an ad fraud solution, you can let technology take care of the lion’s share of work on your behalf.

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Validate Traffic in Real-Time

The solution sits quietly in the background and lets you know whether users are real or fake. Armed with that information, you can then determine the best course of action forward for your business.

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Not All Solutions Are The Same.

While ad fraud solutions can help protect your business against fraud, not all solutions are the same. Take a look at why, specifically, Anura is the best ad fraud detection solution on the market today.

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