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November 24, 2021
What is digital ad fraud? Digital ad fraud, or the practice of viewing, clicking, converting, or generating false interactions with any web asset for the sole purpose of earning money (either directly or indirectly), has long been a major problem for companies trying to advertise online. Every day, fraudsters concoct new schemes (or new twists on..
November 17, 2021
E-commerce fraud is quite common. According to credit card processor Shift Processing, credit card fraud was up 18.4 percent..
November 10, 2021
In the online advertising industry, it’s crucial to have hard data that supports claims, goals, and conclusions. However,..
November 3, 2021
If you ask a marketer what they consider to be the most important metrics to track, many of them will say “conversion rate.”
October 27, 2021
Online advertising has become the gold standard for companies around the world — sometimes replacing the traditional TV,..
October 20, 2021
A lot of people question the value of using an ad fraud solution. There are many arguments against spending money on a fraud..
October 13, 2021
There are many techniques that fraudsters will employ to aid in their ad fraud schemes. When fraudsters want to try to hide..
October 6, 2021
There are many tools and techniques that a business can use to combat the threat of ad fraud. However, not all of these..
September 29, 2021
Botnets have long been a problem for companies of all sizes to deal with—and for a variety of reasons. Odds are you’ve read..
September 22, 2021
Internet influencers are online “celebrities” who have massive followings and can help start trends online by endorsing a..