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June 23, 2021
Affiliate marketing campaigns can be an incredibly powerful tool for attracting business. With the average daily time spent consuming online content soaring to six hours and 59 minutes (Source: Forbes), online marketing campaigns have more opportunities than ever to convert people into leads.
June 16, 2021
Despite the many advancements that have been made in the fight against digital marketing fraud, there are still numerous..
June 9, 2021
In the fight against digital advertising fraud, companies have adopted a variety of strategies to minimize the risks and..
June 2, 2021
Affiliate marketing has become a key lead generation strategy for many companies. According to data from Statista, affiliate..
May 26, 2021
Ad fraud can be an enormous problem for your online marketing campaigns. One of the best ways to fight fraud is to use an ad..
May 19, 2021
For many companies, finding new and cost-effective ways to market their products and services is a must. Effective marketing..
May 12, 2021
Ad fraud is a prevalent problem for businesses of all industries. With display advertising spending already exceeding $160..
May 5, 2021
Click fraud and other forms of advertising fraud have been a problem for marketers for as long as online advertising has..
April 28, 2021
In the Telephone Consumer Protection Act of 1991 (TCPA), there are many different compliance requirements that marketers..
April 21, 2021
If you have spent any time on the internet in recent years, you’ve had to check a little box to tell the world, “I’m not a..