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How much is Ad Fraud costing you?

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The cost of ad fraud is real and affects the advertiser’s bottom line and their staff.

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Wasted Assets

  • Misappropriated ad spend
  • Wasted technical resources
  • Marketing staff’s time implementing ads
  • Negative impact on employee morale
  • Sales team’s time chasing false leads
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Brand Reputation

  • Consumer complaints
  • Time and expense attempting to repair brand reputation
  • Permanence of online reviews
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Skewed Analytical Data

  • Money spent in the wrong places
  • Poor return on investment
  • Low conversion rates
  • Cost of data analysis to detect ad fraud
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  • Legal fees and expenses
  • Potential punitive charges
  • Settlement or awards costs
  • Staff time and productivity
  • TCPA fines

What is the cost of ad fraud?

And how does it impact your business?

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