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Anura Brand Guidelines


Use the height of the type² as a guide for clear space around the logo.



The Anura icon can be used as an icon, and singularily as a decorative element.


Anura Blue 1

Pantone 801C
CMYK 74/36/0/0
RGB 0/145/234
HEX #0091ea

Anura Blue 1 is the primary blue, used for headlines, subheads and to highlight important points within the body copy.

Anura Blue 2

Pantone 2995C
CMYK 66/17/0/0
RGB 0/176/255
HEX #00b0ff

Anura Blue 2 is the secondary blue, used together with Anura Blue 1.

Anura Blue 3

Pantone 298C
CMYK 58/5/0/0
RGB 64/196/255
HEX #40c4ff

Anura Blue 3 is the tertiery blue, used together with Anura Blue 1 & 2.

Accent Teal

CMYK 55/0/6/0
RGB 32/227/255
HEX #20e3ff

Anura Teal is the quaternary blue, used together with Anura Blue 1, 2 & 3, only within the blue gradients.

Anura Gradient

Any or all of the blues can be used together in a gradient.

Accent Green

CMYK 78/0/100/0
RGB 0/184/46
HEX #00b82e

Accent Green is the primary accent color, used for primary call-to-actions and links.

Accent Orange

CMYK 9/78/100/1
RGB 221/90/0
HEX #dd5a00

Accent Orange is an accent color, used to highlight ancillary information, like page names and notifications.

Accent Yellow

CMYK 0/22/100/0
RGB 255/199/0
HEX #ffc700

Accent Yellow is a secondary accent color to be used sparingly.

Dark Blue

CMYK 100/73/25/8
RGB 0/80/130
HEX #005082

Dark Blue is used as a background color, or when a dark contrasting color is needed.


CMYK 100/100/100/100
RGB 0/0/0
HEX #000000

Black is used for headlines.

Darker Gray

CMYK 68/61/60/49
RGB 62/62/62
HEX #3e3e3e

Darker Gray is used for body copy.

Dark Gray

CMYK 57/49/48/16
RGB 110/110/110
HEX #6e6e6e

Dark Gray is used as a background color.

Primary Gray

CMYK 41/33/33/1
RGB 158/158/158
HEX #9e9e9e

Primary Gray is used as a primary color alongside Anura Blue 1.

Light Gray

CMYK 5/3/3/0
RGB 239/239/239
HEX #eeeeee

Light Gray is used as a background color, in conjunction with White, to separate sections of content.


CMYK 0/0/0/0
RGB 255/255/255
HEX #ffffff

White is used as the main background color.

Light Blue

CMYK 7/1/0/0
RGB 238/252/255
HEX #edfcff

Light Blue is used as a background color.