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Learn about the various forms of ad fraud with our eBooks and whitepapers. Anura will help you understand what's going on in the industry, how to spot different types of fraud, and what to do to stop it!


Our eBooks 

Featured Resource - 3 Part eBook Series

The Dirty Secrets of Ad Fraud

Get the info you need to see through the falsehoods and manipulations less scrupulous organizations use to lull you into a false sense of security.


How To Test An Ad Fraud Solution eBook

Learn everything to consider when testing 2-3 ad fraud solutions side-by-side.


Ad Fraud 101 eBook

This introductory guide will help walk marketers and advertisers through the complex (and always evolving) world of ad fraud.


Affiliate Marketing Fraud 101 eBook

Learn more about the types of ad fraud that can derail an affiliate marketing campaign and how to prevent it to protect your brand.


Bots 101 eBook

Learn what is a bot and how bots can wreak havoc on your digital campaigns.


Lead Generation 101 eBook

This introductory guide will help walk marketers and advertisers through the basics of lead generation fraud.


Ad Fraud Detection eBook

Everything you need to know about ad fraud, ad fraud detection, and how Anura’s solution can help.


How To Select The Right Ad Fraud Solution eBook

Learn how to select the right ad fraud solution to mitigate ad fraud before it hurts your business. 


Misleading Ad Fraud "Facts" You Shouldn't Trust!

Discover the truth behind the misleading “facts” some organizations use to downplay the risks posed by ad fraud.


Watch Out for These Claims from Low-Quality Fraud "Solution" Providers.

Some ad fraud “solution” providers may be selling you a bogus bill of goods. Learn how you can see through the false claims of low-quality ad fraud detection companies now!


Why You Need an Ad Fraud Solution.

Discover why you need an ad fraud solution—whether you’re placing ads online or providing a programmatic ad platform!


Our Whitepapers.

White Paper

COVID-19 and Ad Fraud: Is There a Correlation?

COVID-19 lead to more reliance on the Internet. This increase created greater opportunities for individuals to be victimized on ad fraud.

White Paper

What Lead Generation Fraud Costs You

Lead generation fraud can drive up the cost of leads and cause numerous other problems for your business.

White Paper

The Rise of Affiliate Marketing Fraud

Affiliate marketing programs can be an invaluable tool for driving new business. However, with as much money as affiliate programs generate, they have become a target for fraudsters.

One Pager

Why CAPTCHA Fails to Stop Ad Fraud

Learn why CAPTCHA fails to catch fraud and drives away legitimate visitors.

White Paper

Mobile App Fraud

$3 Billion Threat: Live Fraud paper found in Google's Play store.

White Paper

Live Fraud Paper 2.0

Google Play fails to protect your devices.

White Paper

Where is Ad Fraud Coming From

An in-depth look at where ad fraud is coming from geographically.

White Paper

A Year Long Study in Ad Fraud

Why traffic scoring accuracy is the most important thing.