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Understanding ad fraud can seem challenging, but knowledge is power - and we're here to empower you! Make an impactful change to your digital landscape today by downloading our free resources. Witness how learning can directly benefit your work, increase your efficiency, and safeguard your digital environment.


Our eBooks reveal the depths of ad fraud and empower you with an accurate ad fraud solution.

Featured Resource - eBook

What is the Cost of Ad Fraud and How Does it Impact Your Business?

This analysis delves into the significant financial implications of ad fraud in digital advertising, spotlighting the pressing need for potent anti-fraud strategies and sector-wide cooperation to counter this escalating issue.


Programmatic Fraud 101: The Complete Beginner's Guide

Programmatic Fraud 101 provides an overview of ad fraud in programmatic marketing, detailing its impact, detection, and prevention strategies. It serves as a comprehensive guide for beginners, offering insights into the future trends and solutions in the field.


Voter Fraud, Polls, and Form Bots-What’s the Link?

"Voter Fraud, Polls, and Form Bots-What's the Link?" is an ebook illuminating the ties between poll bots, voter fraud, and data integrity, highlighting the threats these pose to democracy and marketing data, while also providing strategies to recognize and counteract such manipulations.


Misleading Ad Fraud "Facts" You Shouldn't Trust!

"Misleading Ad Fraud 'Facts' You Shouldn't Trust!" is an ebook that uncovers deceptive practices used to downplay ad fraud risks, enabling readers to discern truth from fiction, and take informed, proactive steps against ad fraud in digital advertising.


Watch Out for These Claims from Low-Quality Fraud "Solution" Providers

The ebook "Watch Out for These Claims from Low-Quality Fraud 'Solution' Providers" reveals the misleading tactics of certain ad fraud detection companies, empowering readers to discern genuine services from sham providers, thus enabling informed decisions while selecting ad fraud detection services.


Why You Need an Ad Fraud Solution

"Why You Need an Ad Fraud Solution" is an ebook highlighting the crucial need for ad fraud solutions to protect advertising investments, guarantee accurate performance metrics, and uphold the integrity of online advertising campaigns.


How to Test an Ad Fraud Solution

"How to Test an Ad Fraud Solution" is an ebook providing detailed guidance on evaluating ad fraud solutions, covering key factors to enable readers to conduct thorough tests and make informed decisions tailored to their business needs.


Ad Fraud 101

"Ad Fraud 101" is an introductory guide offering marketers a comprehensive overview of the complex ad fraud landscape, equipping them with the essential understanding to identify and counteract ad fraud in the digital advertising industry.


Affiliate Marketing Fraud 101

"Affiliate Marketing Fraud 101" is an ebook providing key insights into the ad fraud threats facing affiliate marketing campaigns, equipping readers with strategies to safeguard their brands and enhance their campaign integrity and effectiveness.


Bots 101

"Bots 101" is an ebook that offers a detailed insight into bots' capabilities and potentially harmful effects on digital campaigns, equipping readers with strategies to detect, prevent, and mitigate bot activities.


Lead Generation 101

"Lead Generation 101" is a beginner's guide providing marketers insights into common lead generation fraud practices, offering strategies to identify, prevent, and combat such fraud, thereby securing the quality and authenticity of acquired leads.


Ad Fraud Detection

"Ad Fraud Detection" is an ebook offering an in-depth overview of ad fraud, emphasizing the significance of robust detection methods such as those employed by Anura's solution, serving as a vital resource for preserving campaign integrity and online advertising efforts.


How to Select the Right Ad Fraud Solution

"How to Select the Right Ad Fraud Solution" is an ebook offering guidance on choosing the ideal ad fraud solution, emphasizing key factors to evaluate, thereby enabling readers to make informed decisions that protect their advertising investments and uphold business integrity.


Gaming Fraud: Three-Part Series

A three-part series exploring the prevalence and evolution of fraudulent activities within the rapidly growing gaming industry. It thoroughly examines the escalating risks faced by gamers, game developers, and advertisers alike, from direct criminal intrusion to the thriving black market for counterfeit gaming assets.


The Dirty Secrets of Ad Fraud

"The Dirty Secrets of Ad Fraud Trilogy" is a revealing ebook series that uncovers deceptive tactics used in ad fraud, offering readers the tools to recognize these falsehoods and counter-manipulation, thereby promoting vigilant resistance to industry fraud.


Our white papers unravel the intricacies of ad fraud, decode the complexity and offer a comprehensive solution.

White Paper

Russian Invasion Causes Sharp Decline in Online Ad Fraud

The white paper conducted an extensive analysis of Anura's client data pertaining to web traffic patterns before and after the invasion, revealing a noteworthy decrease in global fraudulent activity. The research seeks to examine the possible underlying causes of this decline.
White Paper

COVID-19 and Ad Fraud: Is There a Correlation?

"COVID-19 and Ad Fraud: Is There a Correlation?" is a white paper that investigates the potential correlation between the pandemic and increased ad fraud activities, using data-driven insights to explore patterns, motivations, and impacts.

White Paper

What Lead Generation Fraud Costs You

"What Lead Generation Fraud Costs You" is a white paper exploring the financial, reputational, and operational impacts of lead generation fraud on businesses, underlining the need for effective strategies to mitigate these significant costs.

White Paper

The Rise of Affiliate Marketing Fraud

"The Rise of Affiliate Marketing Fraud" is a white paper dissecting the increasing prevalence and implications of fraud within the affiliate marketing industry, offering proactive strategies to counter this growing issue and ensure campaign integrity and effectiveness.

White Paper

Mobile App Fraud

"Mobile App Fraud: $3 Billion Threat" is a white paper illuminating the considerable extent of fraud within mobile apps, particularly in Google's Play store, underlining the substantial financial risks and advocating for strong countermeasures to protect users and advertisers.

White Paper

Live Fraud Paper 2.0

"Live Paper 2.0," a sequel to "Mobile App Fraud: $3 Billion Threat," further probes into the pervasive mobile app fraud, particularly in Google's Play Store, emphasizing its significant financial risks and the urgent need for stringent protective measures for users and advertisers.


Our one-pagers unveil the many faces of ad fraud, highlighting Anura's cutting-edge solution.

One Pager

False Positive Costs

Learn how inferior ad fraud solutions affect your business by misidentifying real visitors as fraudulent. Discover how much of your budget is being wasted to false positives.

One Pager

Competitor Comparison Chart

The "Competitor Comparison Chart" underscores Anura's superior position as an industry leader in fraud detection, excelling in accuracy, coverage, advanced analytics, and ultimately enhancing conversion rates and optimizing marketing spend.

One Pager

Anura's Differentiators

"Anura's Differentiators" spotlights the company's innovative and comprehensive fraud detection solution, distinguished by its exceptional accuracy, thoroughness, real-time analytics, and advanced technology, thereby empowering businesses to make informed decisions and enhance marketing efforts.

One Pager

Search and Social Protect

"Anura's Search and Social Protect" spotlights the company's proprietary technology focused on safeguarding businesses from search and social media fraud, thereby bolstering marketing effectiveness and ensuring a secure and productive digital ecosystem.

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Lead Generation Fraud

Prevent lead generation fraud and its negative consequences, including TCPA violations, wasted marketing dollars, tarnished brand reputation, missed opportunities, wasted call center labor, and decreased company morale, by utilizing Anura's fraud solution to detect and eliminate fraudulent leads in real-time, ensuring a more effective and efficient lead generation process.

One Pager

Affiliate Fraud

Protect your affiliate program from the risks of affiliate marketing fraud, such as wasted ad spend, reduced new customer acquisition, loss of legitimate affiliates, potential TCPA violations, and credit card chargebacks, by leveraging Anura's fraud solution for improved ROI and precise fraud identification.

One Pager

Gaming and Ad Fraud

Prevent ad fraud in online gaming, which includes chargebacks, artificially inflated user base, account farming, exploiting new user rewards, and multiple account fraud, by utilizing Anura's fraud solution to protect players from bad experiences and advertisers from wasted budgets, ultimately staying ahead of cheaters in the game.

One Pager

Ad Fraud and TCPA Compliance

"Ad Fraud and TCPA Compliance" explores Anura's innovative solution for managing ad fraud in compliance with the Telephone Consumer Protection Act (TCPA), emphasizing a proactive approach to prevent legal issues, financial losses, and ensure ethical, efficient ad campaigns.

One Pager


"Anura and eCommerce" showcases how Anura's advanced fraud detection solutions can optimize security, marketing strategies, and sales in the burgeoning eCommerce sector, reducing the risk of fraudulent transactions.

One Pager

Why CAPTCHA Fails to Stop Ad Fraud

"Why CAPTCHA Fails to Stop Ad Fraud" provides a critical analysis of the shortcomings of traditional CAPTCHA in preventing ad fraud and impacting user experience, highlighting the need for advanced, user-friendly solutions like Anura.