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Ad Tag Protection

Protect your AdSense Account from Fraudsters.

Ad tag protection is a must-have for any business that wants to avoid invalid traffic. With Google disabling accounts with invalid traffic, ensuring ad tag protection is no longer a choice;
it's a necessity.

We couldn't be more pleased with how Anura has protected our Adsense account.

— Rob Fleming, Paid Survey Update


Google Adsense is a vital revenue stream for publishers, but invalid traffic and fraud can cost you your earnings.

Signs you have a fraud issue with your AdSense Account.

traffic spikes

Unusual Traffic Spikes

click through

High Click Through Rate (CTR)

short sessions

Short Average Session Duration


Traffic from Suspicious Geographies


Abnormalities in Devices or Browsers


Low Conversion Rate


Consistent Clicks from the Same IP Address or Device


Complaints of Seeing Repetitive or Unusual Ads or Experiences on your Site

referral traffic

Unusual or Unrelated Referral Traffic

consumption of budget

Rapid Consumption of Daily Budget


Third-party Analytics Mismatch

Spike odd hours

Spike in Traffic at Odd Hours


Repeated Ad Impressions

Take the steps to protect your advertising efforts from fraud, you not only  minimize your losses but maximize your earnings.

If Google detects or suspects fraudulent activity on an AdSense account, several things can happen:

Protect Your AdSense Account with Anura.

Anura’s AdTag Protect is a sophisticated solution designed to safeguard your Google AdSense account from all forms of fraud. Our advanced technology monitors your account in real-time, detecting and blocking fraudulent activities before exposing them to Google’s advertisers.

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