Over a Decade of Development

With over 12 years of development Anura® is an ad fraud protection software that monitors your traffic to identify real users versus bots and human fraud. It is built and fine-tuned from customer conversion data, allowing for greater accuracy and bringing simplicity to an otherwise complicated environment.

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Mobile App Fraud:

Live Fraud Paper Threat

Potential $3 Billion Per Year

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A Year Long Study in Ad Fraud.

Mismarking Good Traffic as Bad and Bad Traffic as Good Could Affect Your Third-Party Tools Accuracy.

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Our technology is not based on some made up marketing term. It's based on over a decade of data collection of actual client traffic. Using this data and client feedback, Anura identifies the good traffic from the bad so that you can make better, more accurate decisions about your traffic providers.

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    Anura® Direct

    Quick. Simple. Direct. Responses are generated in real-time to make decisions seamlessly in a pre-bid process.

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    Anura® Script

    Analyses the most comprehensive set of data points to ensure scoring accuracy.

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    Anura® Reporting

    Simple enough for new users but robust enough for experienced professionals.

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