What is Ad Fraud?

Ad fraud is the practice of viewing, clicking, converting, or generating false interactions with any web asset for the sole purpose of earning money directly or indirectly.  

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How Big is Ad Fraud?

25% Of All Paid Traffic is Fraudulent
$42Billion Lost to Ad Fraud in 2019
$100Billion Expected to be Lost in 2023

How Much is Ad Fraud Costing You?

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What is Anura?

Anura is an ad fraud solution that monitors your traffic to identify real users versus bots, malware, and human fraud.  


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Anura Helps Our Clients


Increase Campaign Performance 

Anura's robust analytics enable you to drill deep into your data and make increasingly savvy decisions over time—improving campaign performance and delivering impressive ROI. 

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Reduce Wasted Ad Spend 

We are dedicated to providing you updated, actionable data based on real customer activity in real-time so you can minimize wasted ad spend.   

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Reduce Chargebacks 

Anura enables you to detect fraud before you sell to a client, reducing chargebacks, and increasing profitability.  


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Reduce TCPA Issues 

Anura detects when a real user fills out your lead generation forms, as opposed to a bot, malware, or human fraud farm, thereby enabling you to avoid costly TCPA violations.  




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