Seamlessly integrate Anura within your web assets and receive accurate real-time responses about the quality of your visitors, giving you the ability to make real-time decisions on how to handle fraudulent visitors.

25% On average 25 percent of internet traffic is fraudulent. Anura flags this traffic so you can focus on your business.
200% Anura uses hundreds of data points and a continuously updated analytics platform to catch 200-300 percent more fraud than our competitors.
Billions Anura processes billions of requests through our platform each day in almost real time.
0% Anura’s platform is tuned by engineers with decades of experience, meaning we deliver virtually no false positives when Anura flags fraud.

Zero In on Meaningful Traffic

Real people visiting your web assets are different than bots, bogus clicks, and fraudulent activity. Anura uses hundreds of data points and our audience analytics package to pinpoint in real time—and with certainty—the differences between a true user and an imposter so you can focus on growing your business, not filtering traffic.


Insightful Dashboards

Anura's dashboard gives you the tools to analyze data as it hits your web assets. Easily identify threats so that you can strengthen your defenses and improve your quality. Search, filter, and view overall trends using multiple metrics or scrutinize individual visitors. Clients say it's like Google Analytics on steroids.


Anura Has Your Back

Anura has plenty of documentation, integration guides, quick-start materials, and phone support to get up and running on your web assets and dialed in for maximum performance.


Elevate User Productivity

Anura's Reporting API gives you direct access to all the data that is available in the dashboard. This allows you to utilize the data in a way that you see fit. Detailed documentation is available to provide seamless incorporation into your system.

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Transform the Impact, Accuracy, and Performance of Your Ad Campaigns

Accurate with Virtually 0% False Positives
Catches 200–300% More Fraud than Our Competitors
Real-Time Responses for Real-Time Decisions
Anura Scales with Your Business
25% of Traffic Is Fraudulent; Improve Your Campaign Performance
Reduce Wasted Resources

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