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Ad Fraud Solution

Filter out bots and fraud to increase performance.

The world’s most accurate fraud solution protects your web assets by eliminating bots, malware and human fraud, ensuring your content is seen by real people.


Trusted by over 2 million domains.

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Case Studies

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Anura Protects

Regardless of your industry or marketing channel,
Anura is the solution for all.

What is Anura?

The ad fraud solution that accurately identifies bots, malware and human fraud.

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Increase Campaign Performance

Correctly identifying fraudulent activity provides a truer perspective on your campaign performance. Making data-driven decisions based on accurate data will drive more conversions and ultimately increase ROAS (return on ad spend).

Reduce Wasted Ad Spend icon

Reduce Wasted Ad Spend

Reduce wasted ad spend by eliminating fraudulent activity. Free up your sales team to spend more time with real prospects and less time chasing fake visitors that won't convert. Save the wasted ad spend or reinvest it in real people to see a boost in ROI.

Protect Your Brand Reputation icon

Protect Your Brand Reputation

Brand reputation takes years to build and moments to destroy. Anura protects against fraudulent activity that can destroy your brand reputation, cause future sales loss, waste company resources, and decrease company morale.

Anura excels in accuracy, thoroughness, and analytics. Learn why more companies are choosing Anura.

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Works with any platform.

Integrating Anura into your web assets is a smart move that can help minimize the risk of fraud, no matter where you install our solution or what platform it integrates with. It's simple and flexible - giving you instant responses to the source and amounts of fraud.

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Ad Fraud Calculator

Fraud is costing advertisers over $100B a year.

Leading the industry since 2005
  • Benchmarked against validated conversion data since 2005.
  • Led by an industry expert with 30 years of experience.
  • No numerical scoring: Anura gives definitive responses.
  • Proprietary decision science is exclusive to Anura.
  • All fraud data is processed in-house to ensure accuracy and security.

100% Improvement in Quality of Traffic

Anura doesn’t just mitigate ad fraud, it grows your company. Since making the switch to Anura, our clients have seen a 100% improvement in the quality of traffic and increased their spend with us. Anura is boosting our ROI along with helping our company grow; no other ad fraud solution has ever done that for us.
Joe D'Aloia
Director of Campaign Operations

Anura Avoids False Positives

Our number one priority is to protect the quality of leads that we send to our advertisers. To that end, an essential component of our analytics platform is Anura. Unlike other fraud detection solutions that we've tried, Anura avoids false positives and gives us the insights that we need to navigate an always challenging affiliate landscape.
Joey Lin
President and Founder

20-25% Increase in Conversions

Aided by Anura Solutions, QuinStreet was able to apply existing brand spend more productively; conversions increased 20-25% with no change in budget allocation. This led to further increases in QuinStreet’s branded wallet share.
Marty Collins
Chief Legal and Privacy Officer

18 Million Visitors, No False Positives

Beyond the easy-to-use analytics dashboard, BriteBox trusts in the accuracy of Anura's identification of fraud, both in the pre-bid and post-click analysis. After processing over 18 million visitors and yet to see a false positive, BriteBox sees the long-term benefits of having accuracy in their ad fraud vendor.
Penny Lee
Former Head of Sales

Found 200-300% More Fraud

Picture Anura and other ad fraud solutions like a Venn Diagram. There is a section that overlaps that both Anura and other solutions catch, but then there is the other area. We find that the Anura system catches a lot of stuff the others didn't, and overall, paints a better picture of what is actually happening.
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Compliance Team

Delivered High Intent Users to Our Carrier Partners

Anura and their team have been instrumental in our efforts to maintain high-quality traffic to our site while growing our network audience. Their platform aligns with our mission to deliver high intent users to our carrier partners, and we've been pleased with the overall results.
Lev Barinskiy
Co-Founder and CEO

Eliminated Affiliate Fraud

Anura was able to identify the affiliates who were not the best affiliates. We were able to start pruning our affiliate lists because of what we found in Anura. We were going to pay affiliates a lot of money, but because of chargebacks and other issues, we were actually losing money.
Judith-Ann Sarjaent

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