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Surveys and Polls

Is your poll and survey data accurate?

Stop survey bots from compromising the accuracy of your polls and surveys now with help from Anura.

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Preserve survey accuracy with Anura.

Survey bot fraud targeting your polls can skew survey data and make it harder to make accurate predictions. Protect your survey’s accuracy with Anura’s bot detection and survey fraud prevention tools.

How can survey bots harm you?

So, why is survey bot fraud a problem for market research organizations, political poll organizers, and companies? Data inaccuracy in polls and surveys caused by bot-based fraud can have several impacts on your organization:

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Wasted Survey Spend

The most obvious problem with experiencing fraud in your online surveys is that it’s a direct waste of all the time, money, and resources spent on creating and distributing them.

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Wasted Product R&D

Companies that use market research surveys to gauge interest in new products may find themselves wasting money on development and distribution for products that don’t meet expectations.

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Loss of Reputation

News and market research companies often rely on poll data to make predictions about likely political or market activity. Inaccurate poll data can cause incorrect assessments—hurting their reputation.

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Operational Disruptions

Consumer sentiment surveys can be crucial for finding issues in the organization. However, if the surveys have false replies, it can result in wasted time and effort fixing nonexistent problems.

Who would target your surveys for bot fraud?

There are several reasons why someone might target your surveys using form bots. Some of the most common motivations include:

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Monetary Incentives

If you’re delivering your surveys through marketing affiliates and paying them, then you may experience affiliate fraud from them as they use bots to get credit for successfully “delivering” your survey.

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Survey Rewards

If you offer survey recipients anything of value for completing open surveys (like gift cards), then there’s a risk that someone may use bots to fill out surveys so they can claim the reward as often as possible.

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Market Research Sabotage

Some groups (like unscrupulous competitors or political activists) may want to disrupt your market research. They could use poll bots to corrupt your survey data so you cannot make well-informed decisions.

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Thrill Seeking/Clout

Some people aren’t motivated by monetary gain or an outside cause they believe in, but rather by the desire to feel empowered, amuse themselves at someone else’s expense, or gain notoriety.

Stop survey bots with a proven anti-fraud solution.

Anura is an ad fraud solution that is TAG certified against fraud to detect bot activity in real-time. By using Anura to spot fraudulent bot activity in your online surveys and polls, you can reliably identify and exclude false responses—preserving your survey/poll accuracy so you can make better, data-driven decisions for your organization.