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No one is immune to bots. Stop wasting money on fraudulent bot traffic. Bot detection starts here.


Types of Malicious Bots

No matter the size of your website, you’re getting unwanted bot traffic. As bot software continues to evolve, website developers will have to drastically improve security and traffic filtration. Distinguishing a bot from an everyday visitor is difficult; as technology gets more sophisticated, it’s only going to get harder, but not for Anura. Anura detects bots before that cause harm. Here are some of the types of Malicious Bots.

Click Bots

Click Bots click on ads to artificially inflate ad campaign data and burn through an advertiser’s budget. 

Form Bots

Bots programmed to fill out forms triggering a conversion on lead generation or affiliate campaigns in order to be paid. These leads will never convert to real sales. 

Impression Bot

Fraudsters create bots to create impressions. They artificially inflate site metrics for impressions and reduce conversion statistics. 

Impersonator Bot

Impersonator bots disguise themselves to mimic human behavior online—such as filling out forms and clicking through site pages. These artificially inflate site metrics and waste resources including follow-up efforts. 

Scraper Bot

Scraper bots "scrape" or steal high-quality content from other websites and repurpose it on their own sites.

Spam Bot

These bots plague comment sections, lead forms, and email inboxes, spreading unsolicited messages, advertising links, and other forms of spam.

Phishing Bot

Bots programmed to phish for personal information that visitors submit through forms, such as phone numbers, email addresses, and passwords.

Zombie Bot

Zombie bots turn computers into mindless drones, letting hackers control them remotely without visitors knowing their machine’s been compromised.


A group of affected computers work simultaneously to perform a certain task. Botnets are usually responsible for DDoS attacks.

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How Bots Affect You

Bots Click on Your Ads

Known to advertisers as click fraud, bots interact with your ads by clicking on them, artificially increasing your click-through rate (CTR). Bot interaction renders your ad campaigns ineffective because you’re paying for ads that only attract false bot clicks. These clicks drain your advertising budget, shifting your ads away from legitimate traffic.   

Bots Fill Out Forms

Beyond just clicking ads, more sophisticated bots can fill out forms on your site. Phony form fills your database with fake or stolen customer information with no conversion value. The result is wasted call center resources, TCPA violations, brand reputation risks, and more. 

Bots Clickjack You

Clickjacking occurs when fraudsters trick you into clicking on a site and filling out a form by making a legitimate webpage transparent and layering it over a fake website. The visible page looks completely normal, but when you click, you’re actually interacting with the transparent page. 

Bots Steal Sensitive Information

Bots steal sensitive information, use it to spam other websites, or sell it to competitors. Some bots are even advanced enough to harvest your customers’ financial data, including credit card numbers and social security numbers. Bots can also trick you into activating electronic bank transfers, liking social media pages without your permission, downloading malware, or even making online purchases. 

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