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About Us

We are Anura.

Technology built by humans for humans.

We are a group of cyber superheroes committed to defending our clients’ web assets.

About Anura

Founded by the husband-and-wife duo, Beth & Rich Kahn, Anura understands the importance of making the most out of every marketing dollar. We pride ourselves on constant innovation, dedicated purpose, and consistent growth – for both our clients and our own success. There will always be bots, malware, and human fraud threatening the livelihood of companies, corporations, businesses, and organizations around the world. It is our job to minimize this threat. If you feel up for the challenge, we’d love to meet you!

Our Mission

To increase our client’s growth and improve their marketing results through accurate and effective ad fraud mitigation.

The data behind Anura.

sites using our software
data points scanned
on every visitor
requests are fraudulent visitors
saved by clients in 2023
Our History

In 2003, Rich and Beth launched their first ad network setting a new trajectory for online marketing. They soon identified fraudulent traffic, prompting the creation of their first ad fraud detection code base. The tool’s effectiveness attracted client attention, spurring wider adoption. By 2017, in response to the pressing demand for refined traffic validation, Anura launched as a separate product that could be licensed.

Currently at the forefront of ad fraud detection, Anura integrates machine learning with the acumen of skilled human teams to offer unparalleled accuracy. Our forward vision is grand: to be the global standard in ad fraud prevention. We aim to expand our services to new sectors, industries, and regions, ensuring every digital ad dollar spent is genuine and effective. Moreover, we are fervently working on building impenetrable tech stacks that set new benchmarks in fraud detection and prevention.

Anura’s distinctive edge, embodied in zero false positives, unmatched fraud detection, and concrete analytics, has earned accolades, including spots on Inc 5000 and Philly 100. With a stellar 5-star Google reputation and a burgeoning client base, we’re not just safeguarding revenues, we’re reshaping the industry. Join us, and let’s co-author the next chapter of Anura’s success story.

Meet Our Customers

Trusted by over 2 million domains.

Case Studies

Key Honors & Affiliations

Anura is recognized as a leading expert in ad fraud technology.

TAG Certified Against Fraud seal

TAG Certified Against Fraud

Certified Against Fraud by the Trustworthy Accountability Group (TAG) to meet the rigorous standards set by the MRC


Soc 2

SOC 2 compliant and verified by a third-party audit

Inc 5000 List

Inc 5000

Recognized as one of the fastest-growing private companies in America — Inc. 5000 2023

Link Unite Seal

Link Unite

LinkUnite is a group created by women for women aimed at uniting the greatest minds in marketing.



Responsible Enterprises Against Consumer Harassment

2023 Fortress Cyber Security Award

Fortress Cyber Security Award

Received Fortress Cyber Security Award for Data Protection in 2022 & 2023

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