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Keep your game fair and your ads effective 

The ultimate solution against gaming fraud

Prevent fraudulent gamers from infiltrating your game and wasting your marketing dollars.

Bot sitting and Gaming

Fraud can significantly impact a game's economy, user experience, and the credibility of a game company. It discourages legitimate players and can lead to a drop in active users and revenue. Don't let fraudsters wreak havoc on your game, Anura can help.

Don't let fraudsters wreck havoc on your game

Ad fraud can harm gaming sites

Loss of revenue

Ad fraud can lead to a loss of revenue for gaming sites that rely on advertising to generate income. Fraudulent ads may not be seen by real users, which means that the site does not earn money from them.

Damage to reputation

Ad fraud can damage the reputation of a gaming site. If users see a lot of fraudulent or irrelevant ads on the site they may begin to lose trust in the site and stop using it.

Increased costs

Gaming sites may need to invest more resources to combat ad fraud, which can increase their operating costs.

Decreased user engagement

If users are bombarded with irrelevant or misleading ads, they may become frustrated and less engaged with the site. This can lead to a decrease in the time and money they spend on the site.

Negative impact on advertisers

Ad fraud can also harm the advertisers who place ads on gaming sites. If their ads are not being seen by real users, they are essentially wasting their advertising budget, which can lead to a negative impact on their ROI. This could also lead to a decrease in the number of advertisers willing to place ads on the gaming site. 

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Benefits of Gaming fraud prevention
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Combat Multi-Account Fraud

Don't let unfair advantages disrupt your game ecosystem. Detect and take action against individuals using multiple accounts to gain an unfair edge.

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Preserve Competitive Balance

Combat the use of bots that artificially advance levels, giving players an unfair advantage. Maintain fairness, prevent frustration, and safeguard your game's reputation.

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Secure Transactions, Protect Revenue

Online in-game shops are a prime target for testing stolen credit cards, resulting in chargebacks and financial losses for game companies. Safeguard your revenue by identifying and preventing fraudulent transactions.

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Protect User Accounts

Prevent unauthorized access and account takeovers, which can lead to blackmail, unauthorized resale, and other fraudulent activities. Secure your users' accounts and their trust in your platform.

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Ensure Fair Rewards

Prevent dishonest players from exploiting new user rewards by continuously creating fresh accounts. Preserve the integrity of your game's reward system and financial framework.

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Enforce Fair Play

Combat cheating and toxic behavior by identifying players using multiple accounts to evade penalties. Create a positive gaming community by enforcing fair play rules effectively.


Eliminate Wasted Ad Spend

Fraudsters frequently exploit gaming platforms by creating numerous fake accounts, artificially inflating active user numbers. This deceptive tactic misleads advertisers, distorting the true potential reach of their ads and exposing their campaigns to fraudulent engagement. Protect your ad spend from exposure to fraudulent gamers.


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Unlock Fairness and Profitability with Anura's Advanced Technology

Fairness is crucial for an exceptional gaming experience. With Anura's comprehensive fraud detection solution, you can combat bots, malware, and human fraud, ensuring a level playing field for all players. By protecting your platform from fraudulent activities, you build trust with your users and deliver better results for your advertisers.

Empower your game with Anura, click here for a free trial


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Benefits of using anura
  • Anura provides real-time fraud detection, protecting your gaming company from potential financial losses.

  • It ensures fair play by identifying and blocking fraudulent players, maintaining a positive gaming experience for all users.

  • Anura uses machine learning to
    continuously improve its fraud detection algorithms, staying ahead of new threats.

  • It reduces the time and resources your team needs to spend on manual fraud investigation and mitigation.
  • Anura’s comprehensive reports provide detailed insights into fraud attempts, helping you understand and address your security vulnerabilities.

  • It enhances user trust and brand reputation by ensuring a secure gaming environment.

  • Anura’s easy integration minimizes disruptions to your existing systems and processes.

  • It can protect your ad budget from fraudulent impressions and clicks, increasing the effectiveness of your marketing efforts.
At Gaijin Entertainment, were running all of our relevant online traffic by Anura to eliminate user acquisition fraud for our online gaming titles....they have helped us to greatly reduce direct acquisition cost as well as the time needed to identify and ban fraudulent sources. They have a great and very responsive customer service that promptly handles questions and other inquiries.

- Dennis Wierzbowski

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