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Stop click fraud and protect your budget.

Pay-per-click (PPC) fraud is one of the biggest threats to your advertising efforts. Don’t give your money to fraudsters. Reduce wasted ad spend and increase ROI with Anura now!

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Anura stops click fraud cold with Search and Social Protect™

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Anura is the most accurate and reliable way to stop click fraud. Anura’s real-time detection identifies bots, malware, and human-based fraud from click farms. With the industry’s leading accuracy measure (99.999%) when identifying fraud, you can be confident that the visitors you generate from your ad campaigns are real people.


Benefits of using Anura to stop click fraud.

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Money Savings

By eliminating click fraud from your PPC campaigns, you can make your advertising budget stretch further—improving your ROI for every dollar you spend on PPC advertising.

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Improved Campaign Performance

Removing fraudulent clicks results in more clicks coming from real consumers- allowing you to see what really works and who your real audience is so you can better optimize your marketing campaigns. 

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Less Sales Team Time Wasted

Having to chase down the bad leads caused by fraud is a waste of team resources. Anura helps you remove the bad clicks from your campaigns, focusing your sales team on quality leads that generate sales and income. 

How does Pay-Per-Click Fraud impact you?

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It Wastes Your Ad Spend

Fraudulent clicks from bots and click farms drain your ad budget, reducing your overall return on investment (ROI). Why? Because these clicks are coming from fraudulent sources that won’t convert into real customers! 

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It Distorts Your Marketing Data

Fraudulent clicks distort your marketing data. Your campaign optimization is flawed, based on bad information, and results in few or no real conversions. This, in turn, leads to wasting money on the wrong keywords and audiences in your PPC campaigns. 

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It Gives Your Competitors the Advantage

Click fraud can quickly eat through your available advertising budget and run your campaigns dry in minutes. This prevents real customers from seeing your ads. Instead, the customers you’re targeting will be presented with your competitors’ ads—giving them a major advantage. 

Why you need an effective fraud solution to stop click fraud and PPC Scams.

Sophisticated click fraud schemes use a variety of tactics to thwart traditional anti-fraud and anti-bot measures like CAPTCHA tools, such as:

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Real Humans in Click Farms

The simple truth is this: anti-bot tools like CAPTCHA don’t work against human-based fraud. Click farms with humans operating a variety of devices to repeatedly click on ads can barrel through these bot detection tools like they aren’t even there. 

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Improved Bot Programming

Fraudsters are continuously updating and upgrading the bot programs to counter traditional anti-fraud measures. Modern bots can closely mimic human behavior to fool less sophisticated detection tools and basic bot filters. 

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Device Spoofing and Multi-Device Setups

Fraudsters often use device spoofing tools to change the device OS, web browser, IP address, and other device specifications between clicks—or use multiple devices at once. This makes it difficult to identify all of the fraudulent traffic coming from a single source.

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Foreign Jurisdictions and Laws

While some click farms and other fraudsters are located within the U.S., many of them are set up in countries where these operations aren’t illegal or don’t have extradition treaties with the U.S. This makes it nearly impossible to stop fraud through legal channels.