Anura doesn’t look at ads or the content; instead, we focus on the visitor.

Our Mission

Our mission is to increase our clients’ growth by improving marketing results through accurate and effective ad fraud mitigation. We work diligently with our clients to prevent fraudsters from accessing marketing dollars by innovating game-changing technologies. 

Continuously updated with Conversion Data 

200% Anura uses hundreds of data points and a continuously updated analytics platform to catch 200-300 percent more fraud than our competitors.
Billions Anura processes billions of requests through our platform each day in real-time.
0% Anura’s platform is tuned by engineers with decades of experience, meaning we deliver virtually no false positives when Anura flags fraud.

Anura is constantly collecting performance feedback from our clients to strengthen our accuracy. Anura is dedicated to giving you updated, actionable data in order to help manage where you buy traffic so that you can reduce wasted resources. 

Anura Processes Requests without False Positives

Anura helps organizations eliminate fraud in both the pre-bid and post-click phases using built-in, real-time analytics, freeing up your staff’s time to focus on your business while Anura helps you more accurately block ad fraud. Anura allows marketers to make better decisions based on real customer activity, not the activity of bots or malware, thus maximizing your spend to get real results.

Who We Serve

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Definitive Results, Not Probability Scores

Anura will do more than just evaluate the traffic coming to your site with broad probability scores. Instead, Anura will give you a definitive answer to whether the visitor is real or fake so you can stop paying for what is fraudulent.


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Next Level Analytics

By using Anura's ad fraud solution, your organization will not just see if traffic is flagged, but you will also know exactly why a segment of traffic was flagged, giving you better insight for your marketing decisions. With Anura, there are no limits to the number of sources you can analyze in the dashboard and there are extensive ways your campaign data can be broken down and pivoted. Anura can quickly and easily present the data for real-time decision-making.

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How to Choose the Right Ad Fraud Solution

Stay ahead of fraudsters, find out which solution is best for you.

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