Get Better Results

While an effective affiliate marketing program can help your business get to the next level, fraudsters are increasingly attacking these programs. By using Anura to detect even the most sophisticated forms of fraud, you can protect your program against bad actors and get better results.

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Improve Traffic Quality

Anura enables you to prevent traffic from bots, malware, and human fraud farms from flooding your web properties. As your traffic quality improves, your affiliate marketing program improves your performance.

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Reduce Chargebacks

When traffic is deemed fraudulent, clients often request credits or chargebacks from you. In many situations, by the time such a request is made, you have already paid the affiliate and have no recourse. With Anura, you can block bad traffic before it hurts your campaigns—and bolster your bottom line because of it.


Protect Your Reputation

If your affiliate program becomes notorious for delivering bad traffic, trust in your brand can evaporate, limiting the future growth of your program. Anura enables you to protect your brand’s reputation by preventing fraudsters from wreaking havoc on campaigns.

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