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Improve traffic quality, reduce chargebacks, protect your reputation, and generate more revenue. 

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Improve Traffic Quality 

When you’re selling bad traffic, you’re going to lose clients—it’s that simple. With the ability to identify fraudulent traffic in real-time, Anura enables you to take proactive steps to filter out fraudulent traffic and deliver more value to advertisers.

Improve Traffic Quality

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Reduce Chargebacks 

With Anura, publishers can stop fraud before selling traffic to advertisers, reducing chargebacks and increasing the chances advertisers get the value they’re looking for. 

Reduce Chargebacks

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Protect Your Reputation

Anura enables publishers to keep their reputations intact with a product that accurately tells them which traffic can be ignored and eliminated in real-time. 

Protect Your Reputation

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Generate More Revenue

Anura helps publishers strengthen their bottom lines by delivering more value to advertisers, which in turn encourages them to reach deeper into their wallets for their next campaign. 

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