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Increase conversions, reduce chargebacks, avoid TCPA violations, and maximize your marketing dollars with Anura’s ad fraud solution. 

Why Anura
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Improve Conversions

Anura enables you to pinpoint exactly where fraud is coming from, so you can better manage your affiliate network and keep your margins where they should be. In addition to identifying the sources of fraud, Anura also provides detailed analytics you can use to continuously optimize your campaigns. 

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Reduce Client Chargebacks 

Client chargebacks can damage your brand’s reputation. They can also take a serious bite out of your bottom line and even threaten your relationship with your clients. Anura enables you to detect fraud before the payout, reducing client chargebacks, and increasing profitability. 

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Avoid TCPA Violations

Under the Telephone Consumer Protection Act (TCPA), companies face fines as high as $1,500 per incident when they call or text someone who didn’t consent to be contacted. Anura detects when a real visitor fills out your lead generation form, as opposed to a bot, malware, or human fraud farm, thereby enabling you to avoid costly TCPA violations. 

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Maximize Your
Marketing Dollars

Anura allows marketers to make better decisions based on real-world customer activity—not the activity of bots, malware, or human fraud. This enables you to maximize your spend and improve your campaign performance. 

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