Simple JavaScript Integration

Anura Script uses JavaScript and is our most comprehensive method for collecting user data. It excels at identifying even the most sophisticated fraud in real time. Ideally, Anura Script is used for conversions and post-click analysis.

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Next-Level Analytics

By using Anura's ad fraud solution, your organization will not just see if traffic is flagged, but you will also know exactly why a segment of traffic was flagged, giving you better insight for your marketing decisions.


Optimized with Years of Conversion Data

Anura is built by advertisers, for advertisers, which means our solution is optimized with years of conversion data to help distinguish real users from bots, malware, and human fraud.


Reduce Wasted Ad Spend

Anura allows marketers to make better decisions based on real customer activity, not the activity of bots or malware, thus maximizing your spend to get real results.


Anura Script for Post-Click Analysis

Anura Script will notify you if the visitor is good or bad. Anura Script uses JavaScript embedded in the client side of your web assets.


Comprehensive Analysis

Anura Script uses comprehensive analysis techniques to go beyond just General Invalid Traffic/Sophisticated Invalid Traffic (GIVT/SIVT).


Reduce Fraudulent Traffic

Did you know that about 25 percent of traffic is fraudulent? Keep this traffic from wasting your advertising budget and pulling down your conversion rate.


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