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Our Most Comprehensive Method for Identifying Sophisticated Fraud (SIVT)

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Simple JavaScript Integration

Anura Script collects hundreds of data points on each visitor to help identify the most advanced fraud techniques. It’s quick and easy JavaScript integration is flexible for any environment.  

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Know if A Visitor is Real With 100% Certainty

You can’t rely on probability scores when it comes to fraud. Most ad fraud solutions will have you block traffic when they are 70% confident of fraud.  However, that leaves 30% that is likely to be real.  Anura Script only marks fraud when we are 100% confident, eliminating false positives.  

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Next Level  Analytics

With Anura Script, there are no limits to the number of sources you can analyze in the dashboard. Your campaign data can be broken down, organized, and pivoted in a number of views.

Whether you are analyzing campaign attributes or individual sources, Anura Script quickly and easily pinpoints the exact source of fraud, so you can focus efforts on real customer activities.  

Why Anura

Improve Your ROI

When approximately 25% of all traffic you purchase is fraudulent, you're wasting your advertising budget and pulling down your conversion rate. Anura's ability to identify real customer activity vs. bots, malware, and human fraud allows you to make real-time marketing decisions that boost your ROI.

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