• photo of Rich Kahn

    Rich Kahn

    Founder & CEO | Rich@anura.io

    As a leader in the online advertising industry since 1993, Kahn has an extensive background in digital advertising and ad fraud detection. As an advertiser in the early 2000s, Kahn quickly discovered all traffic purchased online isn’t pure and true. A natural coder, Kahn took his knowledge of the advertising space and built technology to aid in the identification of bad traffic. Made available to his clients as a layer of protection, today that core engine powers the licensable technology, Anura®, which thrives on a decade of data collection. As an industry leader, Kahn has been featured in Entrepreneur, AdWeek, CMO.com, CNN, Business.com, and many other industry publications.

  • photo of Holland

    Frank Holland

    Director of Traffic Acquisition | Frank@anura.io

    With over 20 years in law enforcement and 8 years in traffic acquisition and detection, Holland's skill set complement the needs of Anura's® fraud detection initiatives. Responsible for publisher relations, Holland monitors all traffic behavior by incorporating policy and procedures to allow for effective distribution to clients.

  • photo of Joe Rodichok

    Joe Rodichok

    Director of Engineering & Technology | Joe@anura.io

    Programming since the age of 13, Rodichok brings over 10 years of experience in digital marketing and ad fraud knowledge to Anura®. With extensive experience in web design, front and back end development, and programming, Rodichok has advised in the development of several pieces of technology, code, and scalable, strategic initiatives.

  • photo of Matt Donahue

    Matt Donahue

    Sales Manager | MDonahue@anura.io

    As an account manager for some of the world's biggest brands, Donahue brings 8 years of digital advertising experience to Anura®.By working with advertisers directly, Donahue has seen firsthand the affects of ad fraud and is quick to be able to spot when a campaign has a potential issue.

  • photo of Michelle Brammer

    Michelle Brammer

    Director of Marketing | MBrammer@anura.io

    Specializing in digital marketing and the omni-channel experience, Brammer brings 14 years of brand marketing experience to Anura®. She is passionate about educating youth about the digital advertising space and engages the digital marketing community in discussions about the effects of ad fraud. She's been featured in Forbes, Convince & Convert, and iMedia Connection, for her thoughts on the digital marketing ecosystem.

  • photo of David Gail

    David Gail

    Director of Operations | DGail@anura.io

    After more than 15 years with some of the largest banks and corporations in the world, Gail brings extensive project management, procurement, compliance, and analytical background to the Anura® team. He is also an IRS certified tax preparer and volunteers to prepare taxes free of charge for low income (EITC qualified) families during tax season.

  • photo of Brian Samson

    Brian Samson

    Senior Engineer and Project Leader | BSamson@anura.io

    As the lead developer of Anura technology, Samson works to identify new and potential threats. Previously, Samson was responsible for the discovery of MosQUito, a malicious jQuery script responsible for sucking traffic away from WordPress and Joomla based websites.

  • photo of Ted Kolodzey

    Ted Kolodzey

    Web Developer | TKolodzey@anura.io

    As a graduate of the University of Delaware where he studied visual communication and illustration, Kolodzey brings 10 years of graphic design and web development experience. The dashboard that Anura® data is displayed on is based on Kolodzey's integration and design with Angular2. It is also one of the most visual and easy to understand interfaces available in the ad fraud space to date.