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Don’t fall for lies about ad fraud.

Get the info you need to see through the falsehoods and manipulations less scrupulous organizations use to lull you into a false sense of security. Download the three-part series right to your inbox!



Ad fraud is a problem for every business — one that needs a solution

Advertising fraud is a major problem for everyone who interacts with online advertising.

Both merchants placing ads and the ad networks who facilitate ad placement need to have solutions in place to identify and deal with ad fraud.

Get the info you need to sort out the false and misleading claims some make from the truth behind ad fraud by reading our exposé series.

What you'll learn in each eBook

Part 1:
Fake and Misleading "Facts"

Dirty Secrets of Ad Fraud Part 1 cover

Learn the truth about invalid traffic, homegrown ad fraud statistics, and the real rate of ad fraud.

Part 2:
Fake Ad Fraud "Solutions"

Dirty Secrets of Ad Fraud Part 2 cover

Check the warning signs of bad fraud solutions, why viewability is a bad metric, and more.

Part 3:
Why You Need an Ad Fraud Solution

Dirty Secrets of Ad Fraud Part 3 cover

Discover the common objections to using ad fraud solutions, the real cost of taking ad fraud in-house, and how choosing the right solution can benefit your company.