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Voter Fraud, Polls, and Form Bots — What’s the Link?

Discover how poll bots impact our democracy and compromise your survey data in our eBook!

Are bots interfering with our political process? Every four years, our nation gathers to elect a new president, but there are special interests from within and without that seek to unfairly influence our political process. These threats may even target businesses to try and skew their marketing data in between election seasons!

To help you learn to recognize the manipulations of form bots on your political and market research polls, we've created an eBook on the topic!


What's in the Voter Fraud and Bots eBook?

  • What election fraud is
  • How form bots can influence polls and elections
  • The impact of social bots on politics
  • How poll/survey fraud can be used against businesses
  • How you can fight poll bots and social media disinformation bots
  • How Anura Can Help

Download your free copy now!