Anura is an ad fraud solution that monitors traffic and identifies whether a visitor is real or the result of bots, malware, or human fraud. Built and optimized on customer conversion data for the past two decades, Anura excels in conversion-based campaigns, finding more fraud with greater accuracy than anything else on the market.


How Anura Works

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When someone or something lands on your web asset, Anura collects hundreds of data points about that visitor.

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Through a combination of machine learning and experienced engineers, we analyze the resulting data, looking for a digital footprint of fraudulent activity.

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We then deliver a real-time result that indicates whether the visitor is real or fake.

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Armed with that information, you can quickly decide what to do with the visitor.

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We understand that fraud is continuously evolving, and we constantly update our rules and heuristics to stay ahead of fraudsters.

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We only classify visitors as fraudulent when we are 100 percent confident they are not real, thereby eliminating false positives.



Detect fraud in real time and make sure no real visitors are turned away. 


Detect fraud with precision via a robust, fine-tuned solution that delivers virtually no false positives.

Get the peace of mind that comes with knowing you’re never blocking real visitors.

Consistently validating rules and heuristics against true conversion data.

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Capture hundreds of data points about your traffic to learn more about who is visiting your web assets and how you can improve performance.

Spot the difference between a real visitor and a fraudulent one in real-time.

Leverage machine learning combined with decades of expertise to find even the most sophisticated fraud, ensuring no stone is left unturned.


Real-Time Responses

Remove each fraudulent visitor with surgical precision when they attack your web assets.

Eliminate fraud in both pre-bid and post-click phases using built-in real-time analytics.

Free your staff’s time to focus on growing your business and leave ad fraud detection to us.



Access all the tools you need to analyze traffic right when it hits your web assets.

Easily identify threats to strengthen your defenses and improve your visitor quality.

Drill down into your data to pinpoint exactly where fraud is coming from.



Call our live phone support team, based in Delaware, Monday through Friday, from 8 a.m.-5 p.m. EST.

Get comprehensive information whenever you need assistance.

Learn from experts who are highly experienced in ad fraud detection and the digital marketing space.

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We offer two simple but flexible integration methods.

Anura Script

  • Identifies the most complex types of fraud, such as sophisticated invalid traffic (SIVT).
  • Provides real-time responses for real-time decisions.
  • Allows for simple JavaScript integration.
Anura Script

Anura Direct

  • Streamlined for speed, it responds in milliseconds.
  • Designed to identify the most common types of fraud, known as general invalid traffic (GIVT).
  • Allows for simple integration using REST API.
Anura Direct

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