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Anura Excels at Performance Based Campaigns

Anura is an ad fraud solution that monitors traffic and identifies whether a visitor is real or the result of bots, malware, or human fraud. Built and optimized on customer conversion data for the past two decades, Anura excels in conversion-based campaigns, finding more fraud with greater accuracy than anything else on the market. 

How Anura Works

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When someone or something lands on your web asset, Anura collects hundreds of data points about that visitor. 

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Through a combination of machine learning and experienced engineers, we analyze the resulting data, looking for a digital footprint of fraudulent activity.

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We then deliver a real-time result that indicates whether the visitor is real or fake.

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Armed with that information, you can quickly decide what to do with the visitor.

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No False Positives

We only classify visitors as fraudulent when we are 100% confident they are not real, thereby eliminating false positives.

Why Anura
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Comprehensive Analytics

Anura’s dashboard allows you to customize reporting with the ability to drill down multiple levels, pinpointing exactly where the fraud is coming from.

Ability to analyze data by unlimited source and campaign.
Definitive scoring solution – we only mark traffic as BAD when we are 100% confident it’s not a real visitor.
Choose from a variety of metrics to view your data.
Easy to visualize traffic trends over time.
Customize your data set and expose transparency to our results.
Export any report to CSV or PDF on demand.
Filter your results by specific search criteria.
View details on a variety of metrics with drilldowns and pivots to help pinpoint fraudulent traffic.
Several account management features to control your environment including a real-time reporting API, alerts, user control, and more.

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Integrating Anura into your web assets is a flexible and simple process that gives you the ability to get responses immediately.


Anura integrates into your platform seamlessly to deliver definitive analysis that enables you to maximize your campaign’s performance.


Installation is effortless using Anura's Integration Wizard.


Within moments of completing integration,  you have instant access to your data. 

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We offer two simple but flexible integration methods.

Anura Script

  • Identifies the most complex types of fraud, known as sophisticated invalid traffic (SIVT). 
  • Provides real-time responses for real-time decisions.
  • Allows for simple JavaScript integration. 

Anura Direct

  • Designed to identify the most common types of fraud, known as general invalid traffic (GIVT). 
  • Streamlined for speed by responding in milliseconds.
  • Allows for simple integration using REST API.


Anura is pre-installed in many industry-leading platforms, including Google Tag Manager and WordPress, which makes using our solution as simple as flipping a switch.


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