Two Simple, but Flexible Methods to Integrate in Any Situation

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Anura Script

Anura Script uses JavaScript and is our most comprehensive method for collecting user data. It excels at identifying even the most sophisticated fraud. Ideally, Anura Script is used for conversions and a post-click analysis.

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Anura Direct

Anura Direct uses server-to-server communication for time-sensitive decisions. It excels at identifying fraud with limited user data. Ideally, Anura Direct is used for click analysis and programmatic campaigns.

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Client Quotes

"Picture Anura® and other ad fraud solutions like a Venn Diagram. There is a section that overlaps that both Anura and other solutions catch, but then there is the other area. We find that the Anura system catches a lot of stuff that the others didn't, and overall, paints a better picture of what is actually happening."

What's the Difference Between Anura Script and Direct Implementations?

  Anura Script Anura Direct
Ideal Analysis Conversions and Post-Click Analysis Click Analysis and Programmatic Campaigns
Results Displayed Good | Warning | Bad Non-Suspect | Suspect
Technologies JavaScript REST API
Analysis Method Comprehensive for GIVT/SIVT* and Beyond Streamlined for Speed
Implemented on Client Side Server or Client Side

* General Invalid Traffic/Sophisticated Invalid Traffic

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