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Cybersecurity, How Botnet Detection Can Help

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Botnets have become a far more serious threat to cybersecurity in recent years. In fact, ad fraud has projected to exceed $100 billion in 2022, which will largely be driven by botnets. These serious threats to ad budgets are created when malware is installed on peoples computers in nefarious ways without their knowledge. Once a machine is infected and included in the botnet ranks, it can be used to carry out malicious activities, which frequently includes online advertising fraud. Improving your cybersecurity posture comes down to implementing advanced botnet detection techniques. Here’s how it works.

Effective Botnet Detection Leads to Enhanced Security

Effectively detecting botnets is the key to improving the security across your company’s network of computers and online advertising campaigns. Without taking these measures, you run the risk of losing huge sums of money in your digital marketing campaigns.

Beyond the advertising implications, there’s also the risk of botnets attacking the machines of your staff. This could potentially lead to widespread internet service outages via Denial of Service attacks and even sensitive data theft.

Identifying Botnet Attacks

So how can botnet attacks be identified? Some common ways you might be able to uncover the presence of botnets include sudden traffic spikes, bogged-down internet bandwidth speeds, and online advertising budgets rapidly decreasing. The tough part about this task is that often, the cause of these issues appears to be legitimate visitors.

Countermeasures Against Botnets

If botnets look like legitimate visitors, what countermeasures can be used to beef up your security posture as a company? For starters, you can put a detection solution in place that scans for suspicious types of activities that are typical of botnets. Next, find a data analyst to parse this information, which can reveal potential threats.

How Can You Benefit From These Countermeasures?

There are many benefits from taking the above countermeasures against botnets. But, one of the main benefits is reducing the occurrence of false positives. When visitors are simply flagged as a botnet without human analysis, there’s a major risk of blocking legitimate customers. By taking the time and care to analyze hundreds of data points, a solution like Anura’s ensures far more accurate detection of botnets.

 Protect Your Business from Ad Fraud and Cyber Attacks

Botnet detection can be incredibly challenging, because their suspicious activity is often hidden under the radar.

Fortunately, there are some effective frameworks for preventing botnets from harming your business. Whether you’re a website publisher, digital marketer, or in charge of security at your company, finding botnet detection solutions is essential today. You’ll be able to catch botnets in real time before they’re able to do serious damage to your company’s reputation, efficiency, and digital advertising.

How Anura Prevents Fraudulent Activities

Detecting botnets in real time is made simple with Anura’s solution. At Anura, we don’t simply run machine learning and call it good enough. We also leverage a team of expert data analysts with well-trained eyes for the nuances of botnet activity. This means you’ll always have someone watching over your website traffic and ad campaign activity so botnets can’t sneak by undetected.

See how easily you can prevent fraudulent botnets from hurting your bottom line with a free trial today.

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