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Anura Awarded for Innovation Technology

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Today, the Business Intelligence Group named, Product of the Year in the 2022 Sales and Marketing Technology Awards program, also known as The Sammys.

MIDDLETOWN, DE, USA, July 26, 2022 / / -- Today, the Business Intelligence Group named, Product of the Year in the 2022 Sales and Marketing Technology Awards program, also known as The Sammys. The Sammys honor organizations and products helping to solve the challenges organizations have connecting and collaborating with prospects and customers.

Anura is your typical David vs Goliath story. Anura was built as a necessity for our own marketing company that was overwhelmed by fraud. It was developed by marketers, for marketers. Our biggest obstacle is the fact that, unlike our competitors, we are not funded. Being a bootstrapped company, located in a small town in Delaware, we’ve had the challenge of competing with million-dollar marketing budgets and large cities with an unlimited talent pool. It’s not a challenge that we will or have backed down from.

Despite the obstacles, we remain steadfast in our mission to increase our clients’ growth by improving marketing results through accurate and effective ad fraud mitigation. We are a TAG certified against fraud solution, validated by an independent audit, with no recommendations to our process. Anura takes our role in ad fraud detection very seriously. We are positioned to be the leader in this industry and protect advertisers against increasingly sophisticated fraudsters and plan to put an end to the hundred-billion-dollar loss that plagues the digital advertising industry each year.

“Our team is working hard to provide our clients with the best fraud solution in the market. We are honored to have this hard work recognized by such a prestigious organization. This recognition goes to all our staff, without them, this would not be possible.” - Rich Kahn, CEO.

“We are proud to reward and recognize for their innovation and dedication to helping both the organization using their technology and the ultimate consumer,” said Maria Jimenez, Chief Nominations Officer, Business Intelligence Group. “It was clear to our judges that their efforts will improve how we all connect with the brands we love for years to come.”

About Anura Solutions LLC

Founded by husband-and-wife team, Rich and Beth Kahn, Anura is an ad fraud solution designed to improve campaign performance by accurately exposing bots, malware, and human fraud. The couple, who owned a company that was featured in the Inc. 5000 list five years in a row, have a long track record of entrepreneurial success—including earning an Ernst & Young entrepreneur award in technology.

Anura’s solution mitigates ad fraud allowing advertisers to invest more resources towards growing their business. The Anura solution works to eliminate false positives by only marking visitors as fraudulent when it is 100% confident the visitor isn’t real. Benchmarked against validated conversion data, Anura can ensure the accuracy and thoroughness of the solution. Anura also offers the most detailed analytics dashboard to provide proof of fraud. With a combination of machine learning and experienced engineers, Anura can detect even the most sophisticated fraud techniques in real time.

About Business Intelligence Group

The Business Intelligence Group was founded with the mission of recognizing true talent and superior performance in the business world. Unlike other industry award programs, business executives—those with experience and knowledge—judge the programs. The organization’s proprietary and unique scoring system selectively measures performance across multiple business domains and then rewards those companies whose achievements stand above those of their peers.

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