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Anura Enhances the Google Tag Manager Integration

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Anura’s integration enhancement for Google Tag Manager is crafted to deliver precise fraud mitigation, while simplifying the integration process for users.

MIDDLETOWN, DE, USA, April 9, 2024 Anura Solutions, LLC, a pioneering force in ad fraud detection solutions, is proud to announce the enhancement of the Google Tag Manager integration.

This comprehensive overhaul of our existing Google Tag Manager integration introduces advanced features and functionalities, enabling users to effortlessly deploy Anura's powerful fraud detection capabilities with unparalleled ease and efficiency.

Anura’s integration enhancement for Google Tag Manager is meticulously crafted to deliver precise fraud mitigation and conversion rate optimization, all while simplifying the Anura integration process for users.

Key highlights of this enhancement include:

• No-Code Deployment: The redesigned Anura for Google Tag Manager template facilitates seamless integration without requiring any coding knowledge, enabling advertisers to set up quickly and efficiently, saving valuable time and resources for their teams.

• Tag-Based Detection: Leveraging the tag-based approach, Anura is scalable and easily managed by teams to deploy at the click of a button.

• Real-Time Action: With real-time action capabilities, Anura for Google Tag Manager enables advertisers to take immediate measures against fraudulent activities, ensuring maximum protection and optimization of campaign performance.

• Search and Social Protect™: Utilize Anura's results to create a tailored Exclusion Audience that goes beyond simple IP blacklisting and block specific fraudulent user-based audiences. Anura works with the most popular Search Ad Platforms, Social Ad Platforms and Native Ad Platforms.

Brandon Hatfield, Senior Sales Engineer at Anura, emphasized the significance of the revamped template, stating, "The Anura for Google Tag Manager template allows clients to set up quickly, offering the choice between monitoring and on-site mitigation at the press of a button. For those leveraging paid advertising, activating Search and Social protection can greatly protect their return on ad spend (ROAS), all achievable without needing to touch any code."

With Anura’s enhancement for Google Tag Manager it’s never been easier to employ a trusted ad fraud solution.

For more information about Anura for Google Tag Manager and how it can elevate your advertising campaigns, visit

About Anura: Anura is a leading provider of ad fraud detection solutions, dedicated to empowering advertisers with advanced tools and technologies to combat fraudulent activities.

Linda McCauley
Anura Solutions, LLC

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