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Anura Repeats Success with 2023 Fortress Cyber Security Award

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Anura Receives 2023 Fortress Cyber Security Award for Threat Detection, Recognizing Their Cutting-Edge Ad Fraud Solution and Unwavering Commitment to Security.

MIDDLETOWN, DE, USA, June 1, 2023 / / -- The Business Intelligence Group has today announced that has triumphantly secured the 2023 Fortress Cyber Security Awards in the Threat Detection category. This prestigious recognition reaffirms Anura's steadfast commitment to leading the charge in ad fraud solutions amidst the ever-increasing threats from cyber criminals.

Anura's unique and robust ad fraud solution is engineered to enhance campaign performance by effectively identifying and neutralizing threats from bots, malware, and human fraud, thereby ensuring optimal security and campaign integrity for businesses.

"We are thrilled to receive this esteemed award for the second consecutive year. It is a testament to the efficacy of our technology and the dedication of our expert team. At Anura, we remain resolute in our mission to optimize marketing results and stimulate business growth for our clients through precise and relentless ad fraud mitigation,” shared Rich Kahn, CEO and Co-Founder of Anura Solutions.

Maria Jimenez, Chief Nominations Officer, Business Intelligence Group, added, “Recognizing as a repeat winner in our Fortress Cyber Security Awards program is a true pleasure. As we progress in this digital age, the protection and trust offered by companies like Anura become ever more essential to secure our networks and data."

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About Anura Solutions LLC

Anura, headquartered at 222 Carter Dr, Middletown DE 19709, provides an advanced ad fraud solution designed to enhance campaign performance by identifying and negating bots, malware, and human fraud accurately. Anura's solution empowers advertisers to channel resources towards business growth by minimizing ad fraud. Emphasizing eliminating false positives and guaranteeing fraud detection only when absolutely confident, Anura ensures accuracy and thoroughness in its solutions. With a blend of machine learning and expert engineers, Anura can detect sophisticated fraud techniques in real-time. 

About Business Intelligence Group

The Business Intelligence Group aims to acknowledge true talent and superior performance in the business world. Unlike other industry award programs, it is judged by experienced and knowledgeable business executives. Their unique scoring system selectively measures performance across multiple business domains and rewards companies whose achievements surpass their peers.

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