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Anura Process

The Anura process to solving your fraud.

Protection is our business. With the help of our specialized team, we have developed a process that ensures your company is protected from all fraud techniques.

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The fraud detection process starts with our dedicated team understanding what pain points you're facing to help you identify what areas are most important.

  • About Customer
  • Demo of Anura
  • Next Steps
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We will provide a free trial to see how much fraud you have and show you the exact source of fraud.

  • Identify current fraud levels
  • Initial data review
  • In-depth dashboard review
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Our onboarding specialists will ensure you are implementing protection correctly in all the areas that matter.

  • Onboard additional users
  • Data review and optimization strategies
  • Real-time fraud mitigation
  • Unlimited expert support
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Our customer success team will then provide ongoing optimization ensuring maximum fraud protection to increase productivity and revenue growth!

  • Monthly Training Webinars
  • Quarterly data reviews
  • Fraud Prevention Tips
  • Continued unlimited expert support
  • Fraud alerts (coming Soon)
  • Traffic anomaly alerts (coming soon)

Integrating Anura into your web assets is a flexible and simple process that gives you the ability to get responses immediately.

Flexible | Fits Most types of integrations

Anura seamlessly integrates into any web asset. It is easy to install and manage, making it the perfect solution for any application.

Simple | Anyone Can Integrate

Installation is a breeze with our Integration Wizard or step by step integration guides to get started – simply integrate your website and start collecting data!

Immediate | Instant Access to Your Data

Upon completion of integration, you will have instant access to your data; This is a powerful time saving tool that gives you quick and easy access to the information you need.

Prebuilt | Get Started Immediately

Pre-Built Integrations make it easy to get started with Anura. With Google Tag Manager and other popular platforms, you only need a few clicks of the mouse for instant fraud detection!

Custom Tailored | Versatile Fraud Solution

If we don't have the integration that fits your needs, we can develop it for you.

Integration Wizard

Our team of integration experts are ready to guide you, no matter which method you choose. With our experience and expertise, you can rest assured that your integration will go smoothly, so that you can focus on what's important to you.

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Anura filters both SIVT and GIVT

With our innovative and powerful solution, you can combat both SIVT and GIVT. Our Anura Script™ and Anura Direct™ installation methods work independently or together providing a cutting-edge defense against fraud!

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Anura Script™

  • Identifies the most complex types of fraud, known as sophisticated invalid traffic (SIVT).
  • Provides real-time responses for real-time decisions.
  • Allows for simple JavaScript integration.
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Anura Direct™

  • Designed to identify the most common types of fraud, known as general invalid traffic (GIVT).
  • Streamlined for speed by responding in milliseconds.
  • Allows for simple integration using REST API.

Anura can be integrated anywhere you need to
minimize the threat of fraud.

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Landing Pages

When a visitor has been flagged as fraudulent, you can redirect the visitor or prevent them from interacting with your page, ensuring only the highest quality of visitors.

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Lead Forms

When a visitor fills out a form, Anura validates whether it is real or fake, so you can stop wasting precious time and money on fraudulent leads.

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Registrations / Sign-Ups

Prevent fraudulent visitors from registering on your site and stealing valuable content like music downloads, gaming, dating, and more.

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Anura can tell you a lead is fraudulent right from the ping to ensure you bid on real people that have the potential to convert.

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Anura can stop fake logins before accessing your gated resources and media. 

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Eliminating fraudsters from filling out surveys can help to ensure that marketing data is accurate. This, in turn, can help businesses make more informed decisions about their marketing strategies.

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Stop fraudsters from filling shopping carts using stolen credit cards to make fraudulent purchases.

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The possibilities of using Anura are endless.

Call us to discuss how you can eliminate fraud by employing this powerful solution!

Talk To An Expert

At Gaijin Entertainment, we're running all of our relevant online traffic by Anura to eliminate user acquisition fraud for our online gaming titles. They have helped us to greatly reduce direct acquisition costs as well as the time needed to identify and ban fraudulent sources. They have a great and very responsive customer service that promptly handles questions and other inquiries. A definitive recommendation.

Dennis Wierzbowski, Gaijin Entertainment

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Plans & Pricing

Stop wasting money on traffic that will not convert.

Speak with our team of experts to discuss your pain points and
get a custom price specifically for you.

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Free Trial

What's included?
  • 15 Day Fully Functional Trial
    (*same features as full engagement)
  • NO Credit Card Required
  • Quick Integration
  • Identify current fraud levels and sources
  • Initial data review
  • In-depth dashboard review

Free Trial

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Full Engagement

All plans include all levels of protection:
  • NO licensing fees
  • One instance ID
  • Unlimited Users
  • Unlimited Domains
  • Anura Script™
  • Anura Direct™
  • Search and Social Protect™
  • Customizable Reports
  • Transactional Detailed Report
  • Exportable Reports
  • Real-time Reporting API
  • Full Dashboard Access
  • Fraud Mitigation Techniques
  • Quarterly Data Reviews
  • Ongoing Product Updates
  • Campaign Optimization
  • Customized Additional Data Points
  • Unlimited Live Support
  • Unlimited Product Training
  • Dedicated Account Executive
  • Dedicated CSM

Custom pricing based on usage.

Let's talk

What is your time worth?

The Anura solution is a cost-effective way to combat digital fraud. It pays for itself almost immediately and the benefits are priceless.

Anura saves me the time that it takes to actually sit down and pull all the reports to go down the manual rabbit holes. If I had to put a value on that, I would say Anura is priceless.

— Penny Lee, Former Head of Sales at BriteBox