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Performance Marketers: Are You Vulnerable to Ad Fraud?

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Ad fraud is a persistent issue in the digital marketing world, and its costs are predicted to rise annually. According to recent reports, the cost of ad fraud is projected to reach $100 billion by 2025. Despite this, many performance-based marketers are still reluctant to implement ad fraud solutions. This blog post will delve into the reasons behind this reluctance and how Anura, an advanced ad fraud solution, can address their concerns and help them realize the potential benefits.

Previously we discussed why some account managers don’t want an ad fraud solution. And they’re not the only ones. Here are four reasons why performance-based marketers decline using an ad fraud solution.  

Reasons for Reluctance

1. Perception That Ad Fraud Doesn’t Affect Them

Many performance-based marketers operate under the misconception that ad fraud does not impact them. They believe that since their industry revolves around impressions, clicks, and engagements, they are immune to ad fraud. However, these are precisely the metrics that ad fraud targets. Invisible ad fraud lurks in the background, undetected but impactful.

A sudden spike in clicks does not necessarily indicate genuine visitor interest. It could be the result of bots or human fraud. Real visitors equate to real conversions; anything else is likely fraudulent.

2. Satisfaction of Clients

Marketers are often hesitant to change strategies when their clients are content with the current results, measured by clicks and impressions. However, a surge in clicks or video impressions does not guarantee genuine visitor interaction. Bots or human click fraud can artificially inflate these numbers, leading to short-term gains followed by long-term repercussions.

Clients may initially be pleased with the apparent results but may later issue chargebacks when they realize they are not receiving the ROI they expected. Chargebacks accumulate quickly, plunging your finances into the red.

Protect Your Affiliate Marketing Program from Fraud

3. Lack of ROI Impact from Previous Solutions

Some marketers have tried ad fraud solutions in the past without witnessing a positive impact on their ROI. This is often because they chose a platform unsuited to their needs. Different ad fraud protection platforms employ various methods to identify and combat fraud. Some rely on vanity metrics or probability statistics, which can be easily manipulated. For instance, if a platform focuses on viewability, bots can manipulate the viewability metric, leading to a lack of positive ROI impact.

Another issue with other solutions is over-blocking. Over-blocking can lead to false positives by mislabeling legitimate visitors as fraud.

4. Preference for In-House Ad Fraud Mitigation

Some marketers prefer handling ad fraud mitigation in-house rather than relying on a third-party solution. Several big-name brands, like Heineken and Chase, dissatisfied with their existing ad verification agencies, opted to manage their ad fraud verification in-house.

While in-house management has its advantages, it also has drawbacks, such as the need for additional resources – time, employees, and budget. Managing an in-house system can strain your workload, so marketers must carefully consider the implications before committing to this approach.

Addressing Concerns with Anura

To persuade performance-based marketers of the benefits of an ad fraud solution, it is essential to address their pain points and demonstrate how the solution can boost their ROI.

Anura is a comprehensive ad fraud solution designed to tackle all the above concerns. It goes beyond merely detecting ad fraud; it provides detailed analytics and insights that empower marketers to make informed decisions and optimize their campaigns for better performance.

1. Comprehensive Fraud Detection

Anura does not just focus on one aspect of ad fraud. It analyzes various metrics, such as clicks, impressions, and engagements, to provide a holistic view of your campaign's performance. This comprehensive approach ensures that no form of ad fraud goes unnoticed, protecting your campaigns from bots, malware, and human click fraud.

2. Client Satisfaction

Anura helps maintain client satisfaction by ensuring that the traffic they receive is genuine. By filtering out fraudulent activities, Anura ensures that your clients get the results they pay for, reducing the risk of chargebacks and financial losses.

3. Positive ROI Impact

Anura’s advanced analytics provide a clear picture of your campaign's performance, helping you identify areas for improvement and optimize your campaigns for better results. By eliminating ad fraud and optimizing your campaigns, Anura helps boost your ROI.

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4. Flexibility

Anura understands that every marketer has unique needs and preferences. Therefore, it offers flexibility in its implementation. Whether you prefer to manage your ad fraud mitigation in-house or rely on a third-party solution, Anura can be tailored to fit your needs.

Ad fraud is a growing concern for performance-based marketers. Despite this, many are still reluctant to implement ad fraud solutions due to various reasons, such as a perceived lack of impact, client satisfaction, or a preference for in-house management. Anura addresses these concerns by offering a comprehensive, flexible, and ROI-focused ad fraud solution. By eliminating ad fraud and optimizing campaigns, Anura helps performance-based marketers boost their ROI and maintain client satisfaction. To learn more about selecting the right ad fraud solution for your needs, download this ebook.

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