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Sort the Fakers from the High-Quality Ad Fraud Solutions

Some ad fraud “solution” providers may be selling you a bogus bill of goods. Learn how you can see through the false claims of low-quality ad fraud detection companies now!


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Using the Wrong Ad Fraud Partner Can Be Like
Having No Ad Fraud Solution at All

We’ve heard a lot of bad claims made by less-than-reliable ad fraud “solution” providers in the past. To help you avoid these subpar solution providers, the Anura team made a list of some of the biggest whoppers they’ve heard so far.

Download the list of bad claims from low-quality ad fraud “solution” providers by filling out the form on this page.

Why Should You Read This List?



To help you identify low-quality ad fraud “solutions” before you waste your time and money.



To learn why some ad fraud “solution” providers make false or misleading claims—and the truth behind those claims.



To discover how to find a high-quality ad fraud solution that will actually help you stop ad fraud in its tracks.

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