The Anura Reporting API is the most advanced method to access report data from Anura Script and Anura Direct outside of our dashboard. With the Anura Reporting API, you can:


Build custom reports with the metrics you need.

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Automate complex analysis using real-time data.

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Integrate Anura's data with your own backend reports.

"When compared to other ad fraud verification vendors, Anura is a step above the current market solutions. Their analytics solution is unlike anything else we have seen and the accuracy of their metrics has helped us improve our customer satisfaction quite a bit. I would definitely recommend Anura to anyone who is serious about reducing ad fraud."

Benefits of using the Anura Reporting API

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    Automatically block bad sources.

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    Create domain blacklist/whitelist on the fly.

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    Use real-time data to make real-time decisions.

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    Build anything you can imagine.