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AI may steal content, FraudGPT will steal from customers

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AI is under fire lately for collecting and publishing content from creative works without credit to the original author, now there is an AI tool available that purposely creates harm. As ChatGPT loves to unveil information to its visitors, FraudGPT is planning to steal from them instead.

What is FraudGPT?

This new tool is essentially malware for dummies. It is not a tool for the sophisticated who can code faster than the speed of light. However, this coding does generate phishing software that has managed to steal money, credit card numbers, and emails.

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How good is FraudGPT?

The good news is this technology is not advanced, yet. According to FastCompany, the code is very basic and would require the fraudster to already have user credentials and permissions. The software is for users who aren’t trained on specialty malware and bots. The simplicity of FraudGPT’s abilities could all change as AI technology evolves and should not be easily dismissed.          

This also lowers the barrier of entry into fraud AI— if one bad guy is doing it, thousands more are going to follow. This is something Microsoft found as they put a spotlight on a PHaaS operation that provides phishing templates to fraudsters that are looking to save time with its monthly subscription for attack groups.

What could this do for my company?

Right now? Nothing, unless you allow fraudsters a way into your user permissions. Still, ChatGPT started out relatively basic and is now a powerhouse technology utilized across numerous fields. As these fraudsters learn more through this evil AI tech it will have the ability to become more dangerous.

Also, as the fraudsters are using phishing scams to start you may have to worry about your brand safety. Even though your company is not sending the email, customers don’t realize that until it’s too late. This creates a distrust between your brand and the customers you service.

How can my company prevent this fraud?

Using an ad fraud solution will prevent bots, human fraud, and malware from infiltrating your campaigns, from the AI generated to the most sophisticated. Being able to track the fraud in real-time is crucial as AI technology continues to change at a quick pace, with no signs of slowing down.

 Protecting your company from fraud should be left to the professionals. Here at Anura we pride ourselves on staying up-to-date on the latest fraud tactics and are able to detect real visitors from fake with our No False PositivesTM.

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