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What is click injection? A mobile ad fraud problem

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Mobile advertising has revolutionized the way businesses reach their target audience. However, with new technologies come new challenges, and one of the most concerning issues in mobile advertising is click injection fraud.

In this blog post, we will explore what click injection is, how it works, and the impact it can have on ad campaigns. We will also discuss how an ad fraud detection solution can help prevent click injection and ensure accurate campaign performance measurement.

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What is click injection?

Click injection is a type of mobile ad fraud where a fraudulent click is triggered just before an app is fully installed. This is done in order to get credit for the install, even though the click never actually happened. Click injection is a relatively new form of ad fraud, but it is becoming increasingly common.

How does click injection work?

Click injection works by exploiting a feature of the Android operating system. When an app is installed on an Android device, it sends a broadcast message to all other apps on the device. This message tells the other apps that a new app has been installed. Fraudsters can use this broadcast message to trigger a click on their own app just before the victim's app is fully installed.

Impact of click injection

Click injection can have a significant impact on mobile ad campaigns. It can lead to inflated click-through rates (CTRs) and install rates, which can make it difficult to measure the effectiveness of ad campaigns. Click injection can also lead to wasted ad spend, as advertisers are paying for clicks that never actually happened.

Preventing Click Injection with Anura

Anura, a leading ad fraud detection solution, provides powerful tools to stop click injection and other forms of mobile ad fraud. Using advanced algorithms, Anura accurately identifies and blocks fraudulent click injection attempts in real-time.

By distinguishing genuine user engagements from fake ones, Anura ensures that advertisers obtain reliable campaign metrics and make informed decisions. Anura continuously adapts to evolving fraud techniques, ensuring robust protection against click injection and other emerging threats.


Click injection is a serious form of mobile ad fraud that can have a significant impact on ad campaigns. It is important to be aware of click injection and to take steps to prevent it. By using Anura's ad fraud detection solution and a secure installation process, you can help to protect your mobile ad campaigns from click injection.

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