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Ad Fraud Challenges

Fake visitors can interact with your web assets via impressions, clicks, form submissions, or sales. It doesn't matter; fraud is fraud. Your marketing dollars are being siphoned away, and your campaign performance drags.

Save Marketing Spend

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A Solution for Every Industry

No matter your industry, target audience, or ad campaign, your organization needs a solution that is able to validate visitors in real-time. 

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Affiliate Marketing

Get the results you’re expecting from your affiliate marketing program by improving traffic quality, reducing chargebacks, and protecting your reputation.

Lead Generation

Guard yourself against lead generation fraud to increase TCPA compliance, improve ROI, reduce wasted resources, and protect your brand reputation.



Bot Detection

Anura automatically hides your ads and forms from bots before they get a chance to click on them - eliminating wasted ad spend.


Identify and eliminate click fraud while improving data accuracy and integrity with Anura’s powerful ad fraud solution.

Programmatic Campaigns

Anura helps you block fraudsters from attacking your programmatic campaigns to improve conversions, increase brand exposure, and create better metrics.


Stop bad actors from defrauding your eCommerce site to reduce chargeback rates, match your products with real customers, and keep your commissions.  

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“While I have come across a wide variety of fraud solutions in my years of Affiliate Marketing, I have never seen success as we have with Anura.” 

"Anura has helped us to read between the lines more accurately than any other vendor we've tested."

"I’m totally loving it and it’s by far the most granular/deep set of data I’ve ever seen from a third-party scoring system."

“These guys know they are up against much bigger players in the space, and yet, I can confirm, they are by far the best solution!"

"Anura has helped us to read between the lines more accurately than any other vendor we've tested."

“I just want you to know that Anura is a game-changer for me. In just the short time I’ve been using it I’m saving hours in my week combing through traffic. It is going to make our operation so much more efficient and ultimately will improve the quality of the business for our advertising partners."

“I’ve personally put hundreds of hours into Anura and the amount of time, speed of response, and continued patience you give me on an ongoing basis is greatly appreciated.” 

“Anura saves me the time that it takes to actually sit down and pull all the reports to go down the manual rabbit holes. If I had to put a value on that, I would say Anura is priceless.” 

“After switching to Anura, we reduced  our overhead on ad fraud solutions by over $300,000 per year.”

“We took all of the leads from sources Anura deemed bad and did an independent analysis to verify accuracy. Anura lined up 100%.” 

“When we share some of our findings that Anura surfaces, it’s sometimes met with resistance. But, I don’t think that anyone has ever had a factual case to back up those challenges. I haven’t seen, in my experience, where someone was able to counter the findings I could substantiate with Anura.”

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