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Why Anura Puts Customers First

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The world of digital advertising is a minefield, and ad fraud is a relentless enemy out to sabotage your campaigns and siphon off hard-earned marketing dollars. At Anura, we understand this struggle intimately. The impetus for building Anura came from the frustrating reality of ad fraud we encountered with our own digital marketing. That's why we built our company around two core principles: the most cutting-edge fraud detection technology AND an unwavering commitment to empowering our clients through top-tier support—because that’s what we wanted for ourselves.

The Anura Difference: It's About More Than Software

We know choosing an ad fraud solution is about more than just features and algorithms—it's about choosing a partner, someone you can trust to have your back. In addition to being the world’s most accurate ad fraud solution, we offer a level of support that surpasses our competitors. Don’t just take our word for it; read on for what our clients say about us.

Always Available: We’re here when you need us. Whether you have a question, a problem, or just need some guidance, our team is accessible via email, phone, or live chat during business hours. You won't be left waiting for critical answers.

"The previous platform was hard to get a hold of. [Anura] has been super responsive. The customer service has just been amazing." — Closed Loop

Unlimited Training and Integration: No matter your level of technical expertise, our team will provide as many personalized training sessions, walk-throughs, and integration meetings as needed to ensure you're getting the most out of their platform. Our clients appreciate this customized focus on their success. 

"Anura's customer service and willingness to listen to (and accommodate) the client are top notch.” — QuinStreet

Client-Driven Improvement: We listen, and we improve. Anura doesn't just claim to be responsive; we demonstrate it. The most effective ad fraud solution isn’t built in a vacuum. We value feedback and actively incorporate it to make our product even stronger. Our responsiveness is something clients consistently highlight. 

"They have a great and very responsive customer service that promptly handles questions and other inquiries.” — Gaijin Entertainment

Unmatched Support Yields Real Results

Of course, even the best support in the world means nothing if the core product isn't powerful. Clients love Anura not just for the help but for the tangible benefits. Here's where our technology truly shines.

Zeroing in on Fraud with Click-Level Detection: We pinpoint and block malicious traffic the instant it tries to click on your ads, safeguarding your campaigns from the ground up. This prevents fraudulent impressions from ever polluting your data.

“By eliminating those that are fraudulent,  we’re increasing our overall profit margin and reinvesting our savings into higher quality traffic, which means we’re able to approach higher quality publishers, too.” — BriteBox.

No More Guesswork: Unlike other solutions, we tell you exactly WHY we flag suspicious traffic. Digital Media Solutions appreciates this transparency, saving both time and frustration. Other solutions might flag suspicious activity, but Anura goes a step further. 

"There’s no more second-guessing why click-level traffic is being flagged as bad. Anura detects bad traffic and gives you a clear reason why the traffic is bad." — Digital Media Solutions

Finding What Others Miss: We take pride in detecting those sophisticated fraud attempts that slip past other platforms. Our system catches those extra fraudulent impressions that impact your bottom line, and we are 99.999% accurate when marking visitors as fraud, so our clients don’t lose valuable traffic to false positives. When considering Anura, it's useful to think beyond simple overlap with other solutions. 

"Picture Anura and other ad fraud solutions like a Venn Diagram. There is a section that overlaps that both Anura and other solutions catch, but then there is the other area. We find that the Anura system catches a lot of stuff the others didn't." — Apollo Interactive

Easy Setup, Rapid Results

We believe time is precious. That's why we've designed Anura for lightning-fast setup and integration. With clear documentation and a responsive team (points echoed by QuinStreet), you'll see results in no time, just like Closed Loop found with their rapid success after the trial period.

Clear & Concise: "The Anura team provided clear documentation, was quick to respond, and ready to help. They also quickly implemented our suggested enhancement for their integration.” — QuinStreet

Rapid ROI: This focus on a smooth experience translates into tangible results: "With [Anura], we did the free trial, we saw great results, and it was off from there.” — Closed Loop

The Growth Advantage: Anura as a Business Partner

Ultimately, we don't see our job as just stopping fraud but helping your business thrive. 
Anura's dedication to customer success reflects how we are more than just a fraud prevention tool; we’re partners in our clients' growth. Digital Media Solutions perhaps sums it up best when they say we help grow their company and boost ROI—the ultimate measure of success.

"Anura doesn’t just mitigate ad fraud; it grows your company... Anura is boosting our ROI along with helping our company grow; no other ad fraud solution has ever done that for us.” — Digital Media Solutions

Ready to See the Difference?

Experience the blend of superior tech and unmatched support that makes Anura special. Start your free, 15-day trial today and join the companies who've discovered the power of choosing a true partner in the fight against ad fraud.