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Reasons Why a Server-Based System Is Better for Preventing Fraud

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Infrastructure plays a key component in detecting ad fraud. The type of infrastructure a company uses will affect how efficiently fraud can be detected. Currently, cloud-based systems are being favored over traditional server-based systems. While cloud-based systems have their benefits, they have their drawbacks, too. For instance, ad fraud in the cloud is a serious problem.


Sometimes new server methods aren’t necessarily better, particularly if they leave customers vulnerable to fraud. Here’s why it makes sense for some companies to revisit an old school technology: the server-based system.


1. They Process Data Faster

Time is of the essence when detecting fraud. The faster you can process data, the quicker you can identify red flags. A cloud-based network won’t cut it for companies that require massive horsepower and customization. Fraud detection will be too slow.

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New fraud detection rules are constantly being cracked by fraudsters, sometimes as soon as a couple hours after the rules have been updated. To stay ahead of fraudsters, you need to always be faster. A server-based system can be custom built to help you achieve that speed.


2. They Can Be Custom Built

Server-based networks can be custom built to process data faster. The faster the data is processed, the more quickly ad fraud is spotted and mitigated. The great thing about a custom-built server is it can be developed to meet the specific needs of your business instead of a “cookie-cutter” server design.  


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Plus having it on-site not only gives you physical control over your server, it also keeps critical data in-house.


3. They Keep Critical Data In-House 

Cyber Hackers love the cloud; it’s like going fishing in an ocean full of valuable data. From banking info to Social Security Numbers, no wonder cloud hacks are becoming more frequent. And big name companies are falling victim (e.g. Yahoo).


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A server-based system (unlike a cloud) keeps critical data in-house. By keeping data in-house, it makes it harder for third parties to access your data, thus minimizing your ad fraud risk.


Don't Forget to Use an Ad Fraud Solution, Too

Identifying fraud can be complex and time consuming. Save time while adding an additional layer of protection by using an ad fraud detection solution provider. But before you commit to a solution and sign on the dotted line, do your homework.


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Make sure you ask them: “Do you use the cloud, or on-site servers?” Their answer will help you determine if they’re potentially the best fit for your ad fraud protection needs. (And hopefully their answer is on-site servers.)  


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