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May 5, 2021
Click fraud and other forms of advertising fraud have been a problem for marketers for as long as online advertising has existed as a practice. So-called “click bots” have plagued marketing efforts by driving up the cost of clicks and impressions while driving down the real rate of engagement.  
April 5, 2021
Advertising fraud is a major problem for many businesses. Every day, companies lose millions of dollars to ad fraud because..
March 10, 2021
Affiliate marketing fraud is an enormous problem for any company wanting to advertise its products through a large network..
March 3, 2021
The affiliate marketing industry has become a mainstay of online marketing efforts. Every day, companies pay hundreds of..
February 24, 2021
Digital advertising has opened up many new revenue opportunities for businesses in the decades since the popularization of..
February 10, 2021
Sure, we’re a little obsessed with bots on this blog. But we definitely keep tabs on another major ad fraud culprit: human..
January 14, 2021
We all know someone in our life who does it. A friend, a colleague, or a family member who, no matter what happens in the..
December 17, 2020
The Opportunities, The Threats, and The Solution When companies first started getting social media presence in the early..
November 5, 2020
How Click Farms are Stealing Your Advertising Budget Through Using Ad Fraud Techniques, and What You Can Do to Stop it Fake..
October 29, 2020
Lead generation fraud is a big concern for all businesses that rely on digital marketing to meet specific goals. The goal of..