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February 3, 2021
Domain spoofing can cost advertisers up to $1 million in lost revenue per month. It’s something you usually don’t know is going on, until your budget runs out with no return for your campaign. While the term “spoofing” is commonly associated with email domain spoofing and phishing campaigns, URL spoofing is a threat specific to companies engaging..
January 14, 2021
We all know someone in our life who does it. A friend, a colleague, or a family member who, no matter what happens in the..
January 7, 2021
No matter what industry you are in, lead generation is the driving force behind pretty much every aspect of your marketing...
November 24, 2020
For many big companies, affiliate marketing has been one of the most effective ways for them to generate sales. So..
November 5, 2020
How Click Farms are Stealing Your Advertising Budget Through Using Ad Fraud Techniques, and What You Can Do to Stop it Fake..
October 29, 2020
Lead generation fraud is a big concern for all businesses that rely on digital marketing to meet specific goals. The goal of..
October 22, 2020
You have done it. You have had your writers put together a series of killer blogs and articles that perfectly reach your..
October 15, 2020
I often still get questions like, "what is ad fraud? why does it matter?" Ad fraud is a complex system of attacks designed..
October 1, 2020
Over the last few years, bots have entered the mainstream. In case you’re still new to the world of bots, here’s a brief..
September 24, 2020
Ad fraud is a growing problem, with fraudsters devising a seemingly never-ending number of methods designed to take money..