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How Chatbots Can Help in the Fight Against Fraud

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Chatbots are a handy tool that can help you streamline processes and improve customer service. But what if chatbots could do more than be 24/7 customer service reps? What if they could help mitigate fraud?

How to Use Chatbots to Fight Fraud

1. Issuing Fraud Alerts

Hacking credit and debit cards is child’s play for cybercriminals. It happens so frequently that most banks have an automated system you go through to report the fraud. But jumping through voice automated hoops can be frustrating, especially when your card is compromised after hours. Here, a chatbot can come in handy.


Let’s say fraudulent transactions appear on your card after banking hours. A chatbot sends you an “intelligent bot alert” to alert you of suspect transactions. Using your smartphone, you chat with the bot to confirm if the transactions were made by you. They weren’t, so the bot immediately cancels your card, reverses the charges, and issues a new card to you.


Here’s an example of the technology in action.

 Source: YouTube¹

2. Filing Lawsuits

Last year’s huge Equifax hack affected approximately 143 million American consumers and even reached across the pond to England, too.² Sensitive information such as social security numbers and driver’s license numbers was accessed, leaving millions potentially subject to identity theft.


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Such a debacle definitely calls for legal action, but who has the time to hire a lawyer to join the class-action suit? Fortunately, victims can use a chatbot to sue Equifax, and it only takes minutes.

Equifax Lawsuit Chatbot

Source: DoNotPay³

And the internet bots injects a bit of wit into an otherwise nerve-wracking experience. It tells the user: “I am looking forward to helping you fight corporate incompetence.”

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3. Deterring Fraudsters  

Scammers will sometimes attempt to make contact via email. Sure, you can hit delete, but if you want to have some fun there is a unique solution called Re:scam. Created by a cybersecurity system, Re:scam is a chatbot that replies to spam emails for you. Whenever you get a spam email, simply forward it to

Once the spam email address is within their system, a chatbot will initiate an automated response. It will keep replying to emails until the scammer gets annoyed and stops. And if you enjoy seeing the scammer’s frustration, the chatbot will even send you a transcript of the conversation.

Scammer Chatbot

Source: The Verge4

A copy of you defeating a fraudster... we can’t think of a more satisfying outcome.  


Chatbots are more than just a customer service solution or form of entertainment. They can be another valuable tool in the fight against fraud. Adapt them to best fit your company's needs.