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May 25, 2022
Bots, programs that are used to automate common tasks for human users, have been around almost as long as computers themselves. Good bots have all kinds of uses. For example, Google uses bots to crawl the web and index web pages so their users can find them easily through Google searches. Adblocking bots help keep website visitors from being..
May 4, 2022
When you’re busy trying to make your online marketing campaigns a success, having to fight fraudsters is a major hassle. The..
April 13, 2022
Social media has become an incredible tool for sharing information. Social platforms like Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, and..
March 23, 2022
Bot-based fraud is a constant risk for anyone running an online ad campaign. Form bots are an especially dangerous..
March 9, 2022
Many marketers, whether they’re working as part of an advertising department within a single business or a third-party ad..
February 23, 2022
Ad fraud is a major concern for any company engaging in online marketing. Every day, fraudsters target online marketing..
February 3, 2022
Here’s a scenario that we see all too often: A company launches a brand-new ad campaign to promote their products and..
December 23, 2021
2021 was a busy year for ad fraud—and there’s every indication that 2022 will be just as busy (if not more so)! Every day,..
September 29, 2021
Botnets have long been a problem for companies of all sizes to deal with—and for a variety of reasons. Odds are you’ve read..
September 8, 2021
It’s a story the Anura team has heard time and time again: A company launches a massive affiliate marketing campaign and, at..