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Anura Partners with Everflow Technologies for Ad Fraud Protection

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Performance marketers using Everflow Technologies (Everflow) now have access to an advanced, integrated fraud solution to block fraudulent users in real-time. Today,, a division of digital marketing firm eZanga, announced a partnership with Everflow’s client platform to deliver quality, fraud-free engagements through a simple integration to increase the performance of their client campaigns.

With Anura’s solution, Everflow supports their clients by offering real-time Sophisticated (SIVT) Fraud Protection, with built-in verification stripping protection. This solution allows Everflow clients to block fraudulent users in real-time, thereby protecting advertisers. Clients can also seamlessly make the decision to not pay out an affiliate for the unsavory traffic.

“By helping digital marketers stop fraud in real-time, we’re helping Everflow clients protect their advertisers from fraud,” said Rich Kahn, CEO and co-founder of Anura. “Leveraging the Anura technology helps increase ROI, and therefore demand, making it an integral tool in growing their business.”

With this integration on the Everflow platform, mutual client BriteBox accelerated their performance. “By identifying those that are fraudulent, we’re increasing our overall profit margin and reinvesting our savings into higher quality traffic,” says Penny Lee, Head of Sales at BriteBox. “Anura is highly accurate, too, with over 18M requests to date without a single false positive.”

"At Everflow, one of our core goals is providing the best solutions for enabling the success of our clients. We're excited to integrate with Anura to offer our clients a best in class solution for real-time fraud prevention," said Sam Darawish, CEO of Everflow Technologies. "Preventing fraud continues to be a growing priority for all advertisers. Their partners that rely solely on measuring and scoring solutions for fraud, risk jeopardizing relationships when new fraud sources flare up, and will massively benefit from Anura automatically stopping that traffic."

Valuing both ad fraud protection and robust, deep analytical reporting, Everflow selected to hedge risks to their brands while getting ahead of ad fraud management complexities.

About Anura

Anura is the next generation technology to combat fraudulent users. Built and optimized based on more than a decade of client input, campaign data and analyzed clicks, Anura delves into campaigns from the advertiser's perspective, looking at the user not the ad. The technology identifies real human visitors as opposed to simulated activity, and, in return, increases accuracy and performance. For more information, visit  

About Everflow

Everflow is a Performance Marketing Platform, built to solve the needs of modern marketers. Performance marketing has grown sophisticated, and Everflow helps companies stay ahead. Everflow handles scale through Google Cloud, offers the best solutions available, and provides 24/7 in-platform live chat support. Created by veteran marketers, with a simple clean experience, for facing their challenges as marketers. To learn more, see our Partners page or visit Everflow.

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