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Scaling Your Ad Fraud Solution in a Growing Enterprise

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Let’s Get Real: Real Clicks, Real Calls, Real Leads, Real Sales

When it’s your business to provide your customers with real results, you need a partner that ensures you do just that—not just for today, but a partner that can scale with you. Digital Media Solutions (DMS) is a leading provider of technology-enabled digital performance advertising solutions. 

The company’s first-party data asset, proprietary advertising technology, significant proprietary media distribution, and data-driven processes help digital advertising clients de-risk their advertising spend while scaling customer bases. 

Founded in 2012, DMS has acquired 12 companies, including nine acquisitions in the past five years, to become a publicly traded international company serving the auto, home, health, and life insurance industries, plus a long list of top consumer verticals.

Chief Technology Officer Jason “JR” Rudolph joined DMS as part of the company’s 2018 acquisition of W4 Performance Ad Market, a cost-per-acquisition (CPA) network. A CPA network connects advertisers with vetted publishers to generate leads. JR recently joined me to discuss how DMS’s growth has scaled over the years and how our companies have worked together to fight ad fraud.

Catch the entire conversation with Jason “JR” Rudolph, CTO of Digital Media Solutions, here.

Strong Relationships, Strong Growth

Every business wants to grow, and acquisition is one way to scale a business quickly. For DMS, each acquisition has the same goal: to deliver quality products to lead buyers and advertisers. By partnering with Anura to standardize the company’s approach to preventing ad fraud across its many verticals, DMS has moved hundreds of millions of dollars worth of genuine leads and calls. 

This leads to a high level of customer satisfaction and trust, which in turn leads to existing customers doing more business with DMS. And Anura can scale along with DMS and its customers as they grow.

The secret to successful scaling is simplicity. DMS uses a “data dictionary” to keep everyone up to date on the company’s tech stack so employees know who the technology partners are and how they work together. For Anura, having a central point of contact is crucial within a company account; obviously, that is JR for DMS. 

Regardless of the company, our central contact is the person who decides how our product will be used and extended to other areas. When working with an organization like DMS, as they grow by acquisition and with multiple business units that have different needs, we often get calls from someone else. When this happens, we always check with our contact before making any changes to the account. 

Anura makes it simple to scale our ad fraud prevention solution across divisions. For companies that own and operate their own web properties, it’s even easier to implement by installing JavaScript. As long as DMS follows the standards that have been put in place, DMS and Anura can continue to scale together. 

Delivering a Quality Product

JR’s title may be CTO, but he is also responsible for delivering quality technology products to DMS’s customers: advertisers who expect real leads, real clicks, real calls, and real sales. When JR came on board, there was a solution in place to fight ad fraud, but there were issues that needed to be addressed on a global scale in order for us to deliver the best product.

In researching ad fraud detection and prevention partners, JR discovered Anura and found that another division of DMS already had a relationship with us. This led to a battery of tests to ensure Anura would be the right ad fraud solution fit for DMS’s performance-based marketing division. 

Performance marketing is where Anura shines, so we welcomed the opportunity to prove ourselves. After a battery of tests that determined our accurate detection and thorough analytics would lead to a better product offering for DMS’s customers, we started working with that division. The relationship between DMS and Anura grew in tandem as DMS  acquired more companies.  

Learn how Anura ScriptTM improves traffic quality and mitigates ad fraud for Best Rate Referrals, the consumer finance division of DMS.

Anura helps DMS weed out bad actors who apply to be a part of DMS’s CPA network and helps quickly onboard the small percentage of affiliates and publishers that are found to deliver legitimate traffic and leads. And just as DMA and Anura scale together, DMA continues to forge strong partnerships with its clients, affiliates, and publishers, allowing all parties to grow. 

The Bigger They Are, the More Regulatory Scrutiny

In addition to focusing on delivering quality leads for its clients, the team inside DMS lives and breathes compliance. This is extremely important in an industry that is under constant scrutiny, particularly when it comes to potential TCPA violations.  

Before a form is even filled out, Anura can accurately detect in real time whether it’s a real person or a bot on the site. Misidentifying leads can come at a real cost. If real people—legitimate leads—are marked as fraudulent, potential sales are lost. 

Due to the volume of potential leads generated through DMS’s CPA network, that’s a lot of money that DMS and their clients could lose. Conversely, fraudulent leads that are not detected and then passed on to DMS clients can lead to TCPA violations and costly fines. 

By partnering with Anura, DMS has taken a proactive approach to protecting themselves, their clients, and the relationships they have worked hard to develop. 

No ad fraud detection and prevention system is perfect. If a provider claims to stop 100 percent of invalid traffic, they’re not being honest. At Anura, we strive for accuracy, and we are constantly reviewing data and evolving our detection processes to find as much as possible. It’s that dedication and commitment that allows us to grow along with our customers and enables us to identify invalid traffic with 99.999% accuracy.


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