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TAG: Anura's “It” When It Comes to Detecting & Stopping IVT

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We did it again. For the fourth consecutive year, Anura has earned the Certified Against Fraud seal from the Trustworthy Accountability Group (TAG). The TAG “Certified Against Fraud” seal is a mark of excellence in the digital advertising industry that proves our commitment to combat fraud with the highest standards of transparency and accountability.

While we’re proud to share this news, the most important thing is what this means for more than two million domains monitored for companies that rely on Anura’s solutions. This certification affirms our commitment to protecting customers from online fraud and other malicious activities, ensuring that real people see their ads—increasing their ROI by eliminating the impact of fraudulent visitors.

Advertisers often require TAG certification for everyone engaged in the digital advertising supply chain, including publishers and programmatic ad platforms, to ensure their ad dollars are well-spent and their brand is protected. 

The benchmark validation study by the 614 Group showed that channels TAG Certified Against Fraud reduced invalid traffic rate to below 1% in key global markets across more than 660 billion display, video, mobile, and CTV impressions. Here at Anura, many of our clients require new partners to also work with us to ensure fraudulent traffic is successfully turned away at every stage.

Standing Out in Fraud Detection 

Being TAG Certified Against Fraud puts Anura in good company with more than 220 others who earned one or more TAG seals including Amazon, Disney, Google, MGID, and Yahoo! What won’t you find on the TAG-certified list? Many fraud protection companies. Of the nearly 100 companies that claim to offer some type of fraud protection, only eight of us are certified by TAG and/or the Media Rating Council.

Anura has customers around the world and since TAG is a global initiative, we chose to go through their rigorous third-party certification process. TAG also allows us to provide Anura’s level of detailed information that we share with our clients, so they can feel comfortable with our process rather than it being a black box.

Only 67% of this year’s TAG seals, including Anura’s, were earned through an independent third-party validation process. This required more than filling out some paperwork and sending a check to be included on a certification list. 

A third-party auditor reviewed Anura’s processes, coding, and databases to make sure we follow best practices and consistently do everything a fraud detection company is supposed to do. This review found that Anura’s general invalid traffic (GIVT) and sophisticated invalid traffic (SIVT) solutions are compliant with the TAG-recognized standard for IVT detection and removal.

Once certified, businesses must maintain compliance throughout the one-year certification period and continue to prove they have a secure system in place to protect against fraud. A designated TAG Compliance Officer is required to, among other things, complete TAG training modules, ensure internal teams and company processes are up-to-date and compliant with certification program compliance, and conduct internal quarterly reviews. Companies who want to maintain their status beyond the one-year certification period must go through the annual process.

Learn more about TAG Certified Against Fraud Certification Guidelines here.

Why Certification Matters

With so few fraud protection companies going through a third-party certification process, you may question the value of certification. Think about these scenarios: Would you hire an unlicensed electrician to run wiring for your new house? Trust your taxes to an accountant who isn’t up to date on current tax laws? Choose to board a plane with a pilot who hasn’t flown since before the pandemic hit? 

If your answer to these questions is “No,” then you should entrust your online ad and lead generation fraud protection only to a certified company. If your answer is “Yes,” then you may be interested to learn why a fraud protection company would not be certified. In some cases, the company applied for certification but failed to meet the requirements. Others are simply not able to certify because they are not actually doing what is required of a fraud protection solution.

Of course, we think we offer the best fraud protection solution available, but you don’t have to take just our word, or even the TAG Certified Against Fraud seal, for it. Our fully functional 15-day free trial allows you to find out firsthand.

Read what some of our customers have to say about our No False PositivesTM promise and our 99.999% fraud identification accuracy rate. Then ask us for a free trial and see for yourself the difference experience and expertise can make. After that, if you decide Anura is not for you, we encourage you to at least consider another certified fraud protection solution. 

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