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3 Future Trends in Botnet Detection

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Botnets are collections of devices including computers and mobile phones that can be remotely controlled by fraudsters. Through the use of malware that’s been installed on these devices, bad actors are able to browse websites, click on ads, and generate massive profits at the expense of companies. Over the years, this method for committing online fraud on a large scale has become harder to detect. The continual march of technological progress makes it a constant game of cat and mouse between marketers, webmasters, and fraudsters. Here are 3 future trends in botnet detection you should be aware of so your company can stay safe.

What Are Some Future Trends in Botnet Detection?

Over the course of their history, botnets have become far more advanced, leading to serious threats to the bottom line of companies. This burgeoning form of digital deception is a key contributor to the $100 billion that’s estimated to be lost to ad fraud in 2023. Here are three future trends in detecting this devious activity.

Higher Demand For Botnet Detection

As more companies become aware of botnets and how they work, more and more detection solutions are being introduced. The downside of this is many solutions fall short of the steps necessary to cull the legitimate visitors from botnets. This means higher potential for lost revenue and missing real threats.

The Rise Of Social And Mobile Bots

As social media platforms and smartphones have risen in popularity, so has their appeal to fraudsters who want to build botnets. Many folks are simply unaware of the ways fraudsters can use these tools to carry out their devious plans. For example, playing free games on social platforms is one leading way that fraudsters are able to install malware under the radar on a smartphone. This allows them to then control the device without the owner ever being aware.

Decentralized And Robust Botnet Detection

Rather than relying on in-house botnet detection solutions, many companies are benefiting from decentralized methods. These solutions deliver more robust detection capabilities by providing access to teams of highly trained experts without having to hire them directly. That means more resources can be dedicated to the work of building the company, rather than fighting fraud.

Staying Ahead of Botnet Attacks that Lead to Ad Fraud

Botnets wreak havoc on ad campaigns, but employing a botnet detection and protection tool can help prevent them. These tools work by identifying unusual traffic, and the best of them are easy to integrate with websites, apps, and APIs.

The best detection solutions not only scan for suspicious traffic attributed to botnets, they use human analysis as well. These data analysts can use the information provided from machine learning applications to improve the accuracy of botnet threat identification.

A key benefit to this is preventing false positives. With botnet detection, there’s often a significant risk of blocking legitimate customers. But, taking the step of using humans to analyze hundreds of data points means Anura’s solution provides the most accurate detection solution available.

How Anura Prevents Fraudulent Activities 

Preventing fraudulent activity is possible with Anura. Our solution is far more than machine learning software. We combine this powerful technology with a team of skilled data analysts to uncover botnet activity that might otherwise be missed. The result is superior protection from botnet attacks on your ad campaigns.

Learn more about how you can prevent botnets from damaging your bottom line by requesting your free trial today.

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