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How to Stop Ad Stacking

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Ad fraud takes many forms, and one of the most insidious practices is ad stacking. Ad stacking occurs when multiple ads are hidden behind a single visible ad, allowing fraudsters to generate inflated impressions and clicks, and ultimately, siphoning off advertising dollars.

In this blog, we'll dive into ad stacking and discuss how Anura ad fraud solution can help prevent it.

Understanding Ad Stacking

Ad stacking is a deceptive practice in digital advertising, where multiple ads are placed on top of one another within the same ad placement. This stacking is usually invisible to the user, as only one ad is visible on the webpage. While the user interacts with the visible ad, the hidden ads receive impressions and clicks, artificially boosting the metrics and deceiving advertisers into believing that their campaigns are more successful than they actually are.


Ad stacking can occur in various forms

Hidden Layers

Fraudsters may place multiple ad layers on top of each other, so even if the user clicks on the visible ad, they are actually clicking on multiple hidden ads.

0x0 Pixel Ads

These ads have no dimensions, making them invisible to users but still capable of generating impressions and clicks.

Stacked Banners

Multiple banner ads are stacked on top of one another, creating a misleading impression of high engagement.

The Consequences of Ad Stacking

Ad stacking has severe consequences for advertisers and the entire digital advertising ecosystem.

Here are some of the most significant issues:

Wasted Ad Budget

Advertisers pay for impressions and clicks that are not genuine, wasting their ad budget on fraudulent interactions.

Inaccurate Data

Ad stacking skews performance data, making it difficult for advertisers to assess the true impact of their campaigns.

Damaged Reputation

Advertisers risk damaging their reputation when they believe their campaigns are performing well, only to later discover that they were victims of ad stacking.

The Role of Anura’s Ad Fraud Solution

Anura is a leading ad fraud prevention software that plays a pivotal role in combating ad stacking and other fraudulent activities in the digital advertising industry.

Here's how Anura can help advertisers prevent ad stacking

Real-Time Monitoring

Anura provides real-time monitoring of ad traffic, allowing advertisers to detect ad stacking as it occurs. By identifying suspicious patterns and behaviors, Anura helps advertisers take immediate action.

Fraud Detection Algorithms

Anura employs sophisticated fraud detection algorithms that can identify ad stacking, hidden layers, and other deceptive practices. These algorithms analyze traffic sources, engagement patterns and other data points to separate genuine interactions from fraudulent ones.

Traffic Filtering

Anura can filter out fraudulent traffic, preventing it from reaching the campaign's analytics and performance data. This keeps the data clean and accurate, allowing advertisers to make informed decisions.

Alerts and Reporting

Anura provides real-time alerts and detailed reports to keep advertisers informed about potential ad stacking and other fraud attempts. This proactive approach helps advertisers respond quickly to protect their ad budgets.

Protect Your Ads from Ad Stacking

Ad stacking is a harmful form of ad fraud that undermines the integrity of digital advertising campaigns. With Anura ad fraud solution, advertisers can actively combat ad stacking and protect their ad budgets from being wasted on fraudulent activities. The real-time monitoring, and fraud detection algorithms provided by Anura empower advertisers to maintain transparency and trust in their digital advertising efforts.

In an industry where every dollar counts, the proactive approach to ad fraud prevention offered by Anura is a game-changer. Advertisers no longer have to guess whether their campaigns are achieving the desired results or falling victim to deceptive ad stacking practices. Instead, they can rely on Anura to be their trusty ally in the fight against ad fraud, ensuring that their advertising efforts are honest, transparent, and genuinely effective.

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