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What are the benefits of ad tags?

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What is an Ad Tag?

At its core, an ad tag is a snippet of code that gets inserted into the source code of a webpage. This code allows publishers to dynamically fetch and display advertisements on their websites or mobile apps. When a user visits a website, the ad tag calls the advertiser's server, fetching the ad and rendering it for the user to see.

Different Types of Ad Tags

There are several different types of ad tags, each serving a unique purpose in the world of digital advertising:

JavaScript Tags

Often used for display and video ads, these tags can adjust to the size of the advertisement slot and are known for their flexibility.

IFrame Tags

These encapsulate the ad within an iframe, isolating it from the publisher’s page, which prevents potential conflicts but might limit interaction capabilities.

Image Tags

Primarily for simple display ads, they involve a basic call to an image on an ad server.

HTML5 Tags

Catered for mobile and in-app ads, these tags adapt to different screen sizes and device types.

Who Uses Ad Tags and Why?


Websites and app owners use ad tags to signify where an ad should be placed on their platform. It enables them to monetize their content effectively.

SSPs (Supply Side Platforms)

These platforms help publishers manage their ad inventories. They utilize ad tags to pull the right ad from an advertiser.

Understanding Click Tags

A click tag is used within an advertisement to track and report clicks. Whereas an ad tag calls the ad content to be displayed, a click tag monitors when an ad is clicked, helping advertisers measure engagement.

The Threat of Ad Fraud and Protecting Your Ad Tag

Ad fraud is a significant concern in the digital advertising realm. Fraudulent activities, like bot traffic or click farms, can negatively impact campaigns, leading to wasted resources and skewed metrics. An unprotected ad tag can be a gateway for such malicious activities.

To protect your ad tags:

  • Work with Reputable Partners
  • Only collaborate with trusted DSPs, SSPs, and other intermediaries.
  • Regularly Monitor Traffic
  • Keep an eye on your traffic patterns. Sudden spikes without apparent reason could be a red flag.

Leverage Advanced Solutions

Utilize advanced tools like Anura to detect and prevent ad fraud. Anura specializes in ad tag protection, ensuring that your campaigns run smoothly, without interference from fraudsters.

Given the monetary and reputational risks posed by ad fraud, having a robust solution in place is vital. Anura is designed to identify genuine users, differentiating them from bots or other fraudulent entities.

But don’t just take our word for it. Test Anura's efficacy for yourself with a 15-day free trial. By ensuring that only legitimate users are interacting with your ads, Anura enhances ROI and safeguards your digital marketing investments.

Ad tags play a crucial role in the complex ecosystem of digital advertising. From fetching the right ad to tracking user engagement, they’re invaluable. However, with the lurking danger of ad fraud, it's essential to be proactive about ad tag protection. Embracing solutions like Anura can help you navigate the digital advertising landscape with confidence, ensuring genuine engagement and optimized campaigns.

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